The Hollywood icon recently spoke with The View about her experience in show business and how it helped her in her recent film.

Rita Moreno Film The View

Hollywood icon and EGOT recipient Rita Moreno celebrated a big milestone recently: back in December, she celebrated her 92nd birthday!

Rita Moreno Film The View

The EGOT winner, best known for her role as Anita in West Side Story, joined the co-hosts of The View to discuss her recent film The Prank, asking what lessons she’s learned in 92 years.

“I don’t want to discuss what I learned because it’s boring,” Moreno stated. She continued, however by saying she wants to “spread joy,”

Rita Moreno Age Hollywood

Moreno, who plays a mean teacher in her new film, told the co-hosts how she channeled past experiences into the role.

“I thought of all the women in my life, particularly in showbusiness, who had really been awful to me,” she explained, “[a]ll of these bitches,”

Rita Moreno Film The View

“The list is way long,” Whoopi Goldberg appears to say during the interview.

Moreno, who was born in Puerto Rico and moved to New York as a child, discussed how the racism she experienced impacted her as a child. “For many years I didn’t like being a Hispanic person,”

Rita Moreno said it took years of therapy to overcome the internalized feelings she’d developed from such a young age, “I think it works very well if you find the right doctor,”

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