What happened to the Royal Caribbean Cruise missing person?

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According to this TikTok video posted by user @true.crime.mama, a family is searching for a loved one in Cozumel, Mexico after it was alleged that a man went missing following a stop at a cruise ship port.


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The man in question who allegedly went missing is Edmund Solomon, who reportedly has dementia, and goes by the name Brad. Solomon was reportedly traveling with his wife and some other family members. As the Tiktoker states, the cruise initially left Miami on March 30 and made a stop in Cozumel on April 3. After disembarking, Solomon and his wife allegedly stopped for a bathroom break. As the TikToker claims, when Solomon’s wife, Mimi, came out, Solomon was allegedly nowhere to be found. Solomon, as a result of his recent dementia diagnosis, allegedly struggles with complex processes and communication.

Solomon was then reported missing in which a local taxi driver seemingly came forward to report that he allegedly picked up a man who supposedly had matched Solomon’s description, as noted by the TikToker. The driver alleged that he took the man to somewhere with beach access. Allegedly, the man paid for the taxi ride with his watch as he apparently didn’t have any money.

As the TikToker claims, people are allegedly searching for Solomon. It is alleged that the local government in Cozumel and the FBI have also joined the search for Solomon. Solomon was reportedly wearing an air tag and it is unclear if he still is as the range could be affected if he wandered too far.

As the TikToker reports, the only confirmed recent sighting of him was on April 3, which is the day when he reportedly went missing. There is also not a lot of security footage the family can use as it is “very few and far between,” as noted in the video. Allegedly, the family has been notified of some leads, with a strong lead being a recent sighting at a grocery store. It is alleged that he may be walking a lot due to his condition.

As the TikToker notes, a GoFundMe has allegedly been set up for the family.

What are your thoughts on this alleged missing person case?

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