Did Sarah Ann get caught farting in a video clip from Season 6 of Love is Blind? HOLR breaks down the rumors.

Sarah Ann Love is Blind Reddit

According to this TikTok video posted by user @joycerendleman, fans think that they spotted Sarah Ann farting in a clip from Love is Blind, Season 6.

Sarah Ann Love is Blind

In the now-viral clip, Laura can be seen talking to another contestant while the camera cuts to Sarah Ann sitting on a couch. In the clip, Sarah Ann seems to move slightly and a small noise can allegedly be heard as she’s doing so. Fans think that this is actually a clip of Sarah Ann seemingly farting on camera. This scene allegedly took place during Episode 3 at the 37:50 time mark.

Is it true? It’s hard to confirm if this is actually the case but fans of the show are convinced that Sarah Ann was allegedly caught farting on screen.

What are your thoughts on this viral clip? Although nothing has been officially confirmed, do you think Sarah Ann was really caught farting on camera?

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Image credit: @joycerendleman TikTok