The newest season of Love is Blind has some wild moments so far- with Jimmy commenting on AD being one of them! HOLR breaks down the rumors.

This TikTok video posted by user @arianna_lillie shows a viral moment from Love is Blind Season 6, where Jimmy- who is Chelsea’s fiancé- claims one of the other women, AD, is “absolutely stacked” while the whole cast is together.

Love is Blind Chelsea Reddit

After this interaction between Chelsea and Jimmy occurred, Chelsea brought Jimmy’s seemingly private comment to the attention of the group, which some people thought to be controversial- as you can see by the comments from the above TikTok video.

Even after Chelsea seemingly brought up Jimmy’s response to the group and D’s attention, Jimmy went out of his way to chat with AD in front of Chelsea, which she didn’t appreciate. “I just feel very uneasy,” Chelsea said to another castmate while Jimmy was chatting with AD.

Jimmy and AD seemed to be having a friendly- and seemingly innocent- conversation but Chelsea supposedly didn’t like feeling uncomfortable after Jimmy’s comment about AD.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support claims that he likes AD more than Chelsea it is difficult to tell what will happen in their relationships so early on in the show. We’ll have to stay tuned and find out.

Love is Blind Jimmy Reddit

In this related Reddit thread, one user stated: “Just finished episode 6; mannnn the way his eyes sparkled when looking at and talking to AD. He was gushing over her. And his comments to Laura and Amy!”

What are your thoughts on this reportedly awkward encounter? 

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Image Credit: @arianna_lillie TikTok