A video of Shania Twain helping a fan with a gender reveal live, on stage during one of her concerts is going viral online!

A super cute video of Shania Twain helping out a fan with her gender reveal is going viral online! Check out the video posted by user @much below of the sweet moment shared on stage with the fan and Twain.


#ShaniaTwain does a #GenderReveal live on stage ?

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During the video, the fan can be seen holding up a sign in the crowd that reads, “Shania Will You Do My Gender Reveal?” Twain spots the sign and eagerly agrees to help with the announcement in front of her audience, bringing the fan up on stage with her.

The duo shared a sweet moment together, where the fan admitted to listening to Twain’s music since she was little. She also mentioned that she’ll be happy either way- for a boy or a girl- but she really wants Twain to say, “Let’s go girls!”

After opening the envelope, Twain starts singing, “From This Moment On” where she reveals that the fan will be having a baby girl! The crowd erupts in applause and the fan looks super happy- congrats to her!

What do you think of this wholesome viral moment?

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