Sister Wives Robyn Brown Is Calling Out Her Husband For “Pointing Fingers” At His Ex-Wife

Sister Wives Robyn Brown tells husband Kody to “stop pointing fingers” at Janelle.

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Credit Image: Sister Wives TLC @sisterwivestlc

Check out this clip to see how it started.

While speaking during the ‘Sister Wives: Talk Back Special,’ Robyn confronts husband Kody over his ongoing comments about his ex-wives.

But what is has Kody been saying?

Well, it all started when the couple were watching clips of season 18 and Kody made a disrespectful toward one ex-wife, Janelle.

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Credit Image: Sister Wives TLC @sisterwivestlc

“She’s a s**t sister wife,” Kody said. Ouch, and maybe a little uncalled for.

However, Robyn didn’t want to hear a word of and demanded her husband “stop making this about the sister wives.”

But Kody was determined to hold the other wives accountable for the dissolution of the family.

“Yeah, well, we had a family that was working together. They’re trying to blame you, trying to blame me and all those years in Vegas, we were all working together.”

But as Robyn probably rightly pointed out, Kody’s not focusing on the “real issues” instead is focusing on the wives relationships.

So, what are Kody’s issues?

Firstly, he cites lack of loyalty as a big part of the problem.

Secondly, he doesn’t seem to quite grasp that the other wives, including Robyn don’t want to get involved in the issues between Kody and a wife.

“You always point out the sister wife relationships and never talk about your actual issues with wives.”

Robyn insists that they need to “stay out of issues between you and a wife.”

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As of now, Robyn is the only remaining wife of the original ‘Sister Wives’ family, but will they last if Kody remains as he is?

sister wives kody robyn

Credit Image: Sister Wives TLC @sisterwivestlc

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