Why is Skirby Dog Video trending? HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

Skirby Dog Video

Allegedly, a video is going viral online and one of the top trending search terms is “Skirby Dog Video.” Although there is little information circulating online regarding what exactly this footage contains, HOLR advises not to look up these search terms related to the viral clip as the video allegedly contains graphic and seemingly disturbing content.

Imskirby Dog Video

According to the comments on related TikTok response videos, supposedly, a popular OnlyFans and Cosplayer who goes by the name Imskirby is going viral online for allegedly doing “it” with a dog in a supposed leaked video. It is unclear if there is more than one animal involved in this alleged act of bestiality seemingly caught on camera.

Although they are being linked to this clip, there is no concrete evidence to support claims that creator Imskirby was actually involved in this alleged incident. As a result, the content creator reportedly took to the platform X- formerly known as Twitter- to clear their name concerning this viral video. As you can see, Imskirby denied being involved or taking part in the video seemingly circulating online.

Skirby Dog Video

Image Credit: @imskirby X


Commenters in the above TikTok video have also confirmed that this alleged video has been difficult to find online so it is unclear if it has been removed.

Again, HOLR advises not looking up this alleged video or the trending search terms associated with it as it allegedly contains graphic and disturbing content. It is unclear who is featured in the viral clip as although it was originally thought to be Imskirby, the creator has since denied these claims and any involvement in the viral video.

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