Say hello to the best hair of your life with Authentic Beauty Concept! HOLR is taking a deep dive into the brand and why its targeted hair kits are perfect for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season- and a must-add to your everyday routine. 

We’ve all been hair before- with the holidays right around the corner, we want to make sure our hair is looking and feeling its absolute best so we can slay season in style.

Enter, Authentic Beauty Concept. The beloved haircare brand pioneered the #authenticbeautymovement and is dedicated to paving a new path for authentic beauty through its targeted collection of premium products. Authentic Beauty Concept is changing the haircare game with its lineup of hair cleansing and styling products designed to hydrate, amplify, and replenish your locks so that they stay glowing all year round. 

It’s time to discover the brand’s beliefs as HOLR dives into what Authentic Beauty Concept is all about, how their products work, and why the brand is a must-add to your holiday haircare routine. Plus, we’re testing out Authentic Beauty Concept’s most coveted holiday hair kits so stay tuned for an honest HOLR review of the lineup.

All about Authentic Beauty Concept’s Go-To Hair Kits

So, how can you slay the holiday season in style? With glowing, healthy, radiant hair, courtesy of Authentic Beauty Concept, of course!

Now, you can get holiday-ready in a snap with the Authentic Beauty Concept Holiday Hair Kits. These must-have collections feature a full-size bottle of the brand’s latest Hand and Hair Light Cream, plus full-sized bottles of the Authentic Beauty Concept Glow Collection, Replenish Collection, or Hydrate Collection cleanser and conditioner.

We love how you have the option of choosing which collection is right for your hair since everyone has different hair concerns. The cleansers and conditioners included in the kits are also made with a vegan formula. Plus, the addition of the light cream helps to nourish and protect both your hands and hair with a barely-there texture that absorbs quickly, improves the manageability of hair, and leaves your skin feeling super soft. Take it from us- this is a great pre-styling product to use!

Not only are these haircare kits a must-add to your everyday routine, but they also make for the perfect holiday gifts! Designed to enhance coloured hair, revitalize dry hair or restore and nourish damaged hair, these are an absolute must-add-to-cart for anyone on your list! Plus, it’s super on-trend for the colder winter months ahead, since our locks are always in need of some extra TLC during this time of year.

So, now that you have the inside scoop on the holiday hair kits from the brand, it’s time to see how HOLR really feels about the products!

HOLR’s Honest Review

HOLR had the opportunity to try out all three of the Authentic Beauty Concept Holiday Hair Kits and let me tell you- they did not disappoint!

authentic beauty concept

Image Credit: Courtesy of Authentic Beauty Concept

Glow Collection:

The word “Glow” in the name was definitely intriguing to me when it came to testing out this collection. I love the idea of having healthy, glowing hair so I was all about giving this kit a go.

During a typical shower cycle, I used the cleanser first (lathering in a healthy amount) and then followed up with the conditioner. I like to focus my conditioner on the top of my head and let it run down (a little tip I picked up from a stylist!). After I got out, I then used a bit of the light cream throughout my damp hair to get it prepped and ready for drying and styling.

I love how the products in this particular collection work together to preserve your colour and moisturize your hair for lasting results. 

Now, when I tell you my hair looked super vibrant after only one wash session, I’m not lying! My hair looked shiny and healthy- something I didn’t think would be possible after colouring it for so many years. The cleanser and conditioner really brought out the vibrancy while the light cream kept it well-nourished and protected from the heat. 

This kit is a definite win in my books!

authentic beauty concept

Image Credit: Courtesy of Authentic Beauty Concept

Hydrate Collection:

This kit is perfect for normal or dry hair, which is right up my alley! During the summer months, my hair is on the normal side, but as soon as colder weather hits, my hair starts to feel super dry! Since winter is almost in full swing, this kit was a must-try for me.

As with the other kits, I showered, as usual, using the cleanser first then the conditioner. Having freshly coloured my hair, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my hair looked super shiny after my shower. Before drying my hair, I applied a bit of the light cream to my locks. Drying my hair also makes it feel super brittle so now would be the moment of truth.

The result? I loved how soft and supple my hair felt! This rarely happens since the bleach tends to dry out my hair, but I honestly loved how well-nourished it felt after using this entire kit. It’s one of my new go-to’s on days when I feel like the cold weather is really doing the most to dry out my hair.

authentic beauty concept

Image Credit: Courtesy of Authentic Beauty Concept

Replenish Collection:

As someone who regularly colours her hair, I was especially excited to try out the Replenish Collection. My hair is bright blonde and in desperate need of some extra love and care when it comes to keeping it healthy and well-nourished. Alas, the concept of this collection was perfect for me.

The Replenish Collection is good for damaged hair, so similarly to the other collections, I used the cleanser and conditioner in the shower first then followed up with the light cream on damp hair before styling.

After I got out of the shower, I immediately felt like my hair felt stronger to the touch. This is because the products are specially formulated to seal the hair cuticles and fortify your locks. As I envisioned, this kit did not disappoint and I will definitely be reaching for it as a blonde with previously damaged locks! 

Side note: After blow-drying my hair, I also noticed that my hair didn’t look or feel as frizzy and damaged as normal- instead, it looked super shiny and healthy. I love styling my hair so products that can help minimize the amount of frizz or damage are always a must-have for me, and I feel as if these three products worked in tandem with each other to give me healthy strong locks!


As you can tell, all of the hair kits from Authentic Beauty Concept are a must-try! It’s important to select the kit that’s right for your hair, although I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the kits essentially worked for me and my coloured/dry hair. 

authentic beauty concept results

Photo: Taken after using the Replenish Haircare Kit

Even though all of the kits ended up working out for me, I personally found that the Replenish Collection was the most well-suited for my hair. This is because I noticed the biggest difference after using it and appreciated how the products -and ingredients- helped my hair feel healthy and strong (even after so much heat and colour damage). The light cream was also a great addition to my haircare routine because it didn’t weigh down my long hair. It was super easy to apply and felt lightweight when applied, which allowed for maximum movement. 

After trying and testing everything first-hand, I would highly recommend all of the above hair kits. If you’re interested in shopping the lineup, the holiday sets retail for $75 CAD (the Hand & Hair Light Cream can also be purchased separately for $31 CAD).

authentic beauty concept

Image Credit: Courtesy of Authentic Beauty Concept

Where To Shop The Brand

These kits are a must-add to any haircare routine so be sure to visit Authentic Beauty Concept’s official website for more info on the holiday hair kit collections and to shop the brand’s latest launches.

Published by HOLR Magazine.