Christmas travel concept with airplane

Going home of the holidays isn’t always easy. After all, you have to compete with every other world traveller intent on seeing their family for the festivities, and inclement weather can cause exceptional delays or even cancel flights. 

So, what can you do? An old popular saying provides some insights: hope for the best but prepare for the worst. While you want to arrive on time without any issues, you have to be prepared you might run into flight delays, lost luggage, and more. 

This article shares three ways you can prepare for the unexpected this holiday. With hope, you won’t have to use them. 

1. Travel Insurance

Veteran travellers know that insurance is necessary any time you get on a flight, even if you’re flying domestic. Most policies come with extensive coverage, protecting you against cancelled flights, medical emergencies, and lost luggage. 

To be sure you have the coverage you expect, compare multiple insurance companies and read their terms carefully. 

2. An Installment Loan

Travel insurance may take time to kick-in, as your insurer needs to process your claim. Until then, you may not have the cash you need to handle unexpected expenses that come with delays.

Online installment loans can help you cover these expenses until your claim goes through. They’re usually easy to apply for on the go, as online direct lenders make their applications available 24/7, even on holidays. 

The unexpected can come in all shapes and size — some eventually covered by insurance, some not. Take, for example, unexpected medical expenses after you catch a virus on the plane. Prescription medication and tests are usually not included in the basic package, but an installment loan can help here. 

These online loans can also come in handy if your flight is cancelled, you might have to cover an unexpected stay at a hotel until your next flight. If the airline loses clothes and medication, you may need to pick up replacements long before you receive a pay-out. 

3. Credit Card 

The same card you used to purchase your flight may come in handy if you run into problems during your flight, too. You’ll have to check your account’s terms and conditions. Look for any travel insurance or purchase protections that extend to flights

While this account won’t provide the same extent of coverage as a traditional travel insurance package, it may help you afford out-of-pocket expenses caused by delays and cancellations, just like an installment loan. 

Next Year, Save in Advance

Whether you take out insurance, an installment loan, or use a credit card this year, you should think about your holiday travel plans for next year. Budgeting early for the unexpected can help you handle any unexpected expenses that crops up during this busy travel season

Sit down with your budget to figure out how you can start saving a little cash in an emergency fund. Even small sacrifices add up over a year until you have a pool of savings to cover unexpected expenses without borrowing.

Published by HOLR Magazine.