Our world today largely revolves around connectivity, to a point where most traditional methods have become obsolete. We’re existing within a concept known as “The Internet of Things” and embracing it is a gradual process.

In our daily endeavours, we can do with efficient assistance to lessen the burden or abbreviate the process of certain tasks. What better way to achieve that than employing devices whose intelligence extends beyond our brain capabilities? Based on common priorities, these are the ones that you should possess in various areas of your life.

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Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

Though safety cannot be fully guaranteed, one ought to enforce measurable ways to ascertain that their home is guarded throughout the night or during the day when they are away. This award-winning & advanced security system is the best aid in that particular regard. It boasts multiple advantages like being able to monitor the happenings in your household from anywhere through an audio and video format that alerts you on your mobile phone when irregular motion is detected. It can capture a crisp image with its 2K Video Recording & Zoom in functionalities. With this seamless operation, you are bound to feel safer & have more pleasurable days that are void of uneasiness. 

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Video Doorbell

Appropriating an added layer to your security, this system allows you to see who is at the door before actually opening up for them. Sometimes, for various reasons you are unable to hear a knock on the door & might miss a visitor. Also, isn’t it frustrating to be intruded in your own space out of the blue? Through this video layout, you’ll be able to see who is at the door & then determine whether you want to open for that particular person or not. Its VOIP tool allows you to communicate with the said person while they are at the door, whether you are at home or not. Its live feed surveillance captures a photo of every person that stops by your house & logs the date and time of their visit. 

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4 in 1 Wireless Charging Station

Individually charging your devices can be extremely energy-consuming, so this combined form of charging is a hassle-free way to power up your different mobile devices at once. Its mobility has to be its greatest advantage; imagine charging your phone and air pods while chilling at a restaurant? An added benefit is that it is less risky than a wired charger because your body will have little to no contact at all with the charger while it’s on & it is better for the environment as it reduces toxic waste. 

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Viper SmartStart 

Have you ever been to a huge mall & then struggle to remember on which part of that gigantic parking lot you’ve parked your car? That doesn’t have to be the case anymore; with this car remote starter, you can efficiently locate your car and also be notified when it has been moved without your consent. You’ll also want to regulate the climate of your car before travelling. 

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Multipurpose Countertop Smart Oven

This kitchen appliance can simultaneously toast, fry, bake & dehydrate food. It has multiple automatic cooking settings and an internal camera that allows you to watch your food as it cooks. With this, anyone has the liberty of becoming a chef in their own home!

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OBD Link Scan Tool

You’re in the middle of nowhere, your car breaks down or that engine light on your dashboard keeps on flickering, you have no clue what the issue is and it is highly impossible to reach out to a nearby mechanic. This unfortunate encounter is enough to send one to havoc mode. Well, worry not – this easy-to-use car diagnosis device allows you to discover what is wrong with your car at any point by providing you with codes that allude to any troubles, and then you as the car owner act accordingly. 

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Google Nest Hub 

This is a Wi-Fi speaker that has a twofold nature (smart home control hubs and personal assistance for the whole family). One can utilize it as a speaker, for searching on google, watching Netflix, etc. All this can be commanded with your voice & yields results on a display. 

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