Sophie Turner opens up about her painful divorce from Joe Jonas

HOLR breaks down the story below, delving into Turner’s courageous decision to speak out about her struggles. Despite the public nature of her relationship with Jonas, the “Game of Thrones” star remained largely silent about the breakup until now.

Sophie Turner has bravely shared her struggles with depression and anxiety, revealing the anguish she faced during her divorce from Joe Jonas in a poignant new Vogue interview.


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The Game of Thrones star, 28, and the Jonas Brothers singer, 34, sent shockwaves through the world when they announced their split in September 2023. Speculation ran rampant online about the reasons behind their separation, escalating further after reports surfaced suggesting Jonas had caught Turner engaging in suspicious behavior captured on their Ring security camera.

Sophie has now addressed the intense media scrutiny surrounding their separation, revealing her profound struggle with “mom guilt” and labeling that period as the “most challenging few days of her life.” She expressed anguish over the impact of the bitter fallout from their breakup on their children, characterizing them as “victims” of the situation.

Turner’s authenticity shines through as she reflects on the difficulties of navigating a high-profile divorce while under the relentless scrutiny of the media. “It’s hard enough dealing with heartbreak privately, let alone with the entire world watching,” she admitted.

But Turner’s resilience is equally apparent as she shares her journey towards healing and self-discovery. “I had to learn to lean on those closest to me and to prioritize my own well-being,” she revealed.

Sophie reminisced about their journey, noting their relationship’s inception in 2016 and Joe’s proposal one year later. Their impromptu Las Vegas elopement in 2019 was succeeded by a grand wedding celebration in France later that summer. Reflecting on their union, Sophie revealed her difficulty with being labeled solely as a Jonas Brothers’ wife post-marriage.

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Since parting ways with Joe, Sophie has been romantically linked to Peregrine Pearson, the eldest son and heir of Michael Pearson, the 4th Viscount Cowdray, and a former film producer with a stake in the Pearson media empire. “I am enjoying dating. It’s quite exhilarating,” she shared. “Getting married at a young age can make the dating scene feel unfamiliar. It’s like rediscovering it all over again.”

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