The Weeknd has been the best thing since maple syrup for Canada, and the best thing since sliced bread for the world. We all know he has the high notes that mesmerise his fans, but what about his street style?

The Canadian singer born Abel Tesfaye has something unique about his voice. His aesthetic matches his talent, seen by a stylistic evolution of the character that lives within the expensive brand known as XO. There is nothing like a mix of his signature vocals flourishing with his own created identity.

Abel created ‘The Weeknd’ persona circulated around the colour black. He uses his wardrobe to brood his darkly sexy public persona, he has named so carefully as ‘The Weeknd.’ He burst onto the scene with “The Triology,” featuring a gloomy theme that dimmed the souls of listeners in a good way.

Does The Weeknd’s street style make you want to sing “High For This?” Let’s find out.

The Weeknd in Black

The Weeknd in all black.

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Starting of Abel’s street style without him in the colour black would be a travesty. Although difficult to do, let’s ignore Bella Hadid for a second and keep our eyes focused on The Weeknd. His previously mentioned dark sexy persona is in full flow here. Abel is rocking sleek high-top combat boots with his black skinny jeans tucked in carelessly. On top of a plain black t-shirt, Abel is wearing a slightly oversized leather, trucker jacket, matching perfectly with his boots. With hair like that, too many accessories are unnecessary, as a pair of rectangular silver-framed and black lenses will suffice.

A Hint of Beige

The Weeknd in his H&M collection.

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It was hard to find The Weeknd in anything but all black. This outfit worn by Abel is still overwhelming in black, but he has decided to mix it up with the colour that is nor fully yellow, nor fully brown. Let’s call it beige for now. H&M partnered with The Weeknd for a capsule collection of urban streetwear. He is seen here wearing an oversized black hoodie with ankle-high black pants. The oversized beige bomber jacket has the trademark “XO” symbol. It would look out of place anywhere else but placed on the heart like it is right now. To walk the streets, Abel has gone for cream coloured high-top boots matching perfectly with the jacket.

Puma Meets Abel

The Weeknd in a Puma tracksuit

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Oh look, finally the outfit isn’t flashing in black. The Weeknd is snapped biting his lips in an all-Puma tracksuit. The tracksuit is not a traditional one where it is relatively fitted. This one is loose and relaxing filled with the colour cobalt blue. The red stripes are there to bring contrast to the zipper jacket and track pants, that are wider from the thighs and start getting skinnier from the knees – down. A pair of white Puma sneakers never hurt the outfit.


The Weeknd in camo.

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Sigh, another one of Abel’s ex-girlfriends we’ll have to ignore for the sake of the fit. The Weeknd was spotted wearing a Valentino green camo souvenir bomber jacket and Gucci ace floral embroidered sneakers. And as always, the black colour has to be wherever The Weeknd goes. This time Abel is in black skinny jeans and a plain black t-shirt.

Which look was your favourite?

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