Skin is the largest and most important organ in our entire body. A simple walk down the street today could damage and prematurely age your skin without you even realizing it. Air pollution, UV rays, and infrared radiation are all invisible enemies causing our skin to unfortunately appear much older than it really is. 

Founded in 1994, the company SkinCeuticals has been dominating the advanced skincare world by only releasing products that have been backed up and proven using pivotal science research discovered by their own Dr. Sheldon. SkinCeuticals has one clear and simple mission, to improve skin health. Many individuals struggle to understand what their skin needs and how to correct/maintain a solution directed towards correcting it overall. Depending on your skin type whether it be normal, combination, dry, oily, or sensitive, every single person needs a specific skin regime designed and directed specifically towards them in order to properly resolve their unwanted issues.

While SkinCeuticals offers a very large selection of products, they follow and recommend using their product philosophy as a guide. Prevent, protect, and correct. This philosophy especially helps new users find products that prevent future skin damage, products that help protect their skin moving forward, and products that will inevitably correct their skin entirely. The main three skin concerns that individuals face are acne, aging, and discolouration which is why SkinCeuticals has formulated selections specifically geared towards all three.

55.6 million people across North America struggle with acne. I myself have suffered with acne-prone skin since I was in middle school and it has always made me feel so self-conscious. From Neutrogena, to Clean and Clear, to Olay, and even Proactiv, nothing ever worked for me and some ended up making my skin situation worse! 

Finding the solution to acne-prone skin has been a journey but I can personally say from experience that SkinCeuticals is a different kind of skincare company. When looking just at the price tag it may throw many off but trust me when I say, it’s worth the investment. I gave it a shot and tried the Blemish and Age Defense Correct serum, the Equalizing Toner, the Micro-Exfoliating Scrub, and the Phyto Corrective Masque. All products exceeded my expectations and for the first time since I was in grade 7, my skin is now clear. I can’t say which of the four is better than the other as I have been using them consistently as steps in my skin regimen, but the Phyto Corrective Masque is unlike any face mask I’ve ever tried. Professional ones included. All my swollen redness caused by acne immediately calms after using this mask and following it with the other products has proven to be the icing on the cake. 

If acne isn’t your concern or you simply don’t know which products would be best suited for you, SkinCeuticals has a Routine Builder section on their website designed to find the perfect products geared towards your specific concerns. The builder will ask what your skin type is if your skin is sensitive, and what your primary and secondary skin concerns are. Based on the information you provide, SkinCeuticals will build you a recommended custom skincare regimen targeted to help resolve all of your unwanted issues. Whichever products you end up going for they have a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee so what’s the harm in trying?

To go even further, SkinCeuticals offers a Skin Explained section where customers can read and learn about understanding their skin, the different types of skin/skin conditions that they may potentially have, how the environment affects the skin, and why their products work. The company not only takes their skincare seriously, but they aim to improve the environment as well. By reducing the number of shipping cartons sent out and upgrading their fulfillment centre with wind turbines they are minimizing their carbon footprint as well. 

For anyone struggling to find a skincare solution that actually works and has tried everything else with no prevail, think about investing in yourself with some SkinCeuticals. Our skin is a delicate shield protecting us from harm and we should take care of it in any way possible. Products can be expensive but when it comes to self-love, care, and, appreciation it’s worth the investment to make you and your skin happy. Feel as good as you look and look as good as you feel. 

The solution is just one click away.

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