Some celebrities are popularly known for their beauty and for never aging. People seem to believe that their favourite celebrities have the most eccentric beauty secrets, with extremely expensive products and treatments. But, that’s not exactly the case: these are some of the must-try celebrity beauty secrets that will conquer your skincare routine.

Cast the first stone those who have never DIYed an absolutely crazy and homemade beauty trick or product. In recent times, people seem to be even more obsessed with skincare treatments – shout out to the infamous Korean skincare routines – and beauty hacks. I would even bet that you have already searched online for easy and affordable beauty tips suggested by your favourite celebrity, am I right?

As per usual, we are here to help, so we got your back: here you will find the top 5 must-try beauty secrets tested – and approved – by celebrities.

1. Milk Facials:

If this is a yes to popular names such as Cindy Crawford and Cleopatra, who are we to disagree with? The 2 muses are largely recognized by their remarkable beauty and by the fact that they don’t seem to age. The recipe to success is pretty simple: mix equal parts of milk and mineral water and dump the mixture into a recipient. You can either spray it all over your face or use a cotton pad to apply the magic potion to your skin post-cleanse.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Milk Facials2. Hemorrhoid Under Eye Cream:

Even being able to purchase the most expensive beauty products available in the market, Kim Kardashian swears by the high efficiency of a $6 hemorrhoid cream. According to the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star, this cream performs real miracles as it tightens the under eyes and leaves the region wrinkle-free. And this trick actually works! This is how it works: by restricting the blood vessels, this cream reduces redness, and its anti-inflammatory properties help eliminate puffiness. Also approved by Kim’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, the only downside to this hack is that it can’t be used every day, otherwise it would dry your skin out.

Kim Kardashian Uses Hemorrhoid Cream to Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles

Photo Credit: Today

3. Ziip Beauty Device:

This is Margot Robbie’s most valued beauty secret: every single day, the muse spends around 5 minutes of her morning skincare routine using the Ziip Beauty device on her face to take care of her impeccable skin. This absolutely insane skincare device helps treat blemish-prone skin, diminishes both fine lines and dark circles, and – most shockingly – helps carve out cheekbones, as it uses nano currents to sculpt the face.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Ziip Beauty Device Used By Actress Margot Robbie

Photo Credit: Current Body Editorial

4. Ice Bowl:

Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow are completely sure about this extremely easy-to-do homemade trick. The technique consists in simply dunking your face into a recipient filled with ice-cold water for 30 seconds by morning time. The actresses ensure that this beauty hack – besides being a bit intense – reduces swelling, revives the skin, and tightens pores. It can be a bit painful, but totally worth it!

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Ice-Cold Water

Photo Credit: Hello Nest

5. Tepezcohuite:

This Mexican ingredient, commonly used to treat burn victims, is the ultimate beauty secret Salma Hayek swears by. The 55-year-old actress and producer seem to never age and, according to her, it is all due to the tepezcohuite and its regenerating properties. She mixes it with neutral hydrating cream and spreads it all over her clean face at night. The ingredient is extracted from trees that grow in Central and South America. 

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Tepezcohuite Cream Used To Avoid Skin Aging

Photo Credit: HealthLine

What do you think of those celebrity beauty secrets? Are you ready to try them on?

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