Veganism has been steadily rising worldwide for a variety of reasons, with many switching to a plant-based diet due to concerns such as animal welfare, climate change and environmental activism, and health benefits.


Photo Credit: Nation’s Restaurant News (March 2021)

As the popularity of the vegan diet increases, many forward-thinking chefs and cooks are paving the way to innovative and creative vegan meals and menu options. A variety of vegan restaurants in Toronto have emerged and showcase veganism vibrantly and colorfully, highlighting both the nutritional and delicious facets of plant-based meals.

In a city prided by having one of the best vegan scenes in the world, there has never been a better time to explore and discover all that a vegan diet can offer. Looking for a place to start? Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Toronto!


Located within the Fashion District’s chic restaurant row, LOV is a beautifully designed “fast-fine” restaurant featuring a bit of everything to suit each individual’s tastes. Featuring large windows, white walls, stunning brass finishes, and an accent of lush, green plants, the restaurant is perfect for those looking to take that perfect Instagram foodie picture. The menu includes comfort food staples such as mac’n’cheese and satiating burgers alongside tacos, salads, and tofu bowls.


Rosalinda is a vegan Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the Financial District. Designed by creative studio Bent Gable Design, the restaurant occupies a former convenience store and Japanese restaurant. Rosalinda features hanging and potted plants, rich green velvet seating, and custom-designed wallpaper by artist John Leacy. Menu items include Mexican-inspired dishes such as coconut ceviche, chorizo pizza, and jackfruit pibil.


Serving delicacies such as sashimi, tartare, and noodle dishes, PLANTA focuses on innovative Asian-inspired vegan cuisine and is located within the dynamic Queen St. West. The restaurant is separated into small, distinct spaces and is decked out with sleek round tables and Japanese maples. Modern pan-Asian dishes incorporate ingredients such as dehydrated watermelon, eggplants, and potatoes to imitate the texture and flavors of meat accompanying traditional Asian cuisine.

Copper Branch

Copper Branch is a chain restaurant offering plant-based options for a variety of comfort food classics. The restaurant provides vegan takes on chili and hearty, colorful soups filled with beets, sweet potatoes, and spiced chickpeas. “Power bowls” options are also offered which are packed with superfoods such as organic sprouted mung beans, hemp seeds, avocado, and tempeh.


This plant-based bakery focuses on sweets and pastries that are handcrafted daily. Featuring multiple locations and booths in Toronto, Bloomers offers delectable donuts, cookies, and cakes with creative, unique flavors. Expect donut flavors such as rose pistachio and tiramisu, as well as seasonal flavors like peach cobbler and blueberry cheesecake.

Hogtown Vegan

Situated in Toronto’s Kensington Market, Hogtown Vegan masters comfort food classics and pub fare with a vegan twist. Crispy fried soy wings, towering piles of nachos, and loaded chili cheese fries are just some of the dishes you can expect at this casual, relaxed spot.


Toronto’s diverse food scene doesn’t fall short when offering vegan options. With so many unique and delicious plant-based dishes out there, there has never been a better time to try veganism out!


Published by HOLR Magazine.