For more than a year now, CBD skincare has been all the rage, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. CBD is a compound noted for its ability to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, and it seems to boost hydration, to boot. When applied to the skin, CBD is able to calm uncomfortable skin conditions like acne and psoriasis while giving skin a healthy glow.

Yet, CBD has been unseated in skincare trends by an ingredient that promises even greater healing:  cannabis. Including CBD as well as all over cannabinoids and cannabis compounds, cannabis is something you need in your skincare routine. Here’s why.

The Benefits of Cannabis Skincare

Some of the benefits of cannabis in skincare include:

Hydration. Various cannabis compounds, to include CBD, help the skin hold onto moisture better. Hydrated skin is better at resisting environmental toxins and tends to remain balanced, thus preventing the development of skin conditions like acne or wrinkles.

Anti-inflammation. Much of cannabis’s ability to alleviate pain is closely tied to its ability to decrease inflammation. Inflammation in skin most often manifests as redness and puffiness, which can be uncomfortable or embarrassing. Various cannabinoids fight inflammation, so cannabis skincare can help manage inflammatory skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and rosacea.

Relaxation. The most significant effect of cannabis skincare that is lacking in CBD skincare comes from the power of THC. This cannabinoid binds to receptors in the skin to create a tingling sensation, and some THC can seep into the bloodstream to result in a mild and pleasant high.

Cannabis research is just beginning, and while there is abundant funding into the short- and long-term effects of using cannabis, there aren’t many published studies on how cannabis use can affect the look and feel of skin. As a result, many of the benefits of cannabis skincare are anecdotal — which isn’t to say they are false. Rather, they come from a community of cannabis skincare users, who have plenty of experience using cannabis skincare products and identifying how these products have affected their skin. Undoubtedly, researchers will confirm these benefits and more when they begin studying cannabis skincare in earnest.

Difference Between Hemp, CBD and Cannabis in Skincare

Before you rush out to buy any skincare with a cannabis leaf on the label, you should know that not all cannabis-derived skincare is created equal. At present, there are three types of skincare that use ingredients from the cannabis plant:

CBD skincare uses CBD oil, which is typically refined to remove all other cannabis compounds. Some CBD skincare can have trace amounts of other cannabinoids, but most do not. CBD has many well-known and beloved skincare benefits, and it has already enjoyed time as a top skincare trend.

Hemp skincare uses only hemp oil, also called cannabis seed oil. This ingredient is made by pressing the seeds of the cannabis plant, and the resulting oil is naturally free of all cannabinoids. Hemp oil can be a simple and useful moisturizer, but it lacks other more impactful effects because it doesn’t contain cannabinoids like CBD or THC.

Cannabis skincare tends to include cannabis oil, which unlike cannabis seed oil contains concentrations of cannabinoids such as THC as well as terpenes. These extra compounds can help the skin in different ways, which is why cannabis skincare is becoming more popular.

Where to Find Cannabis Skincare

Hemp cultivation is legal across the U.S., which is why hemp and CBD products are becoming more common on shelves in places like grocery stores and pharmacies. You can find skincare that uses CBD or cannabis seed oil in almost any shop that sells skincare products.

However, cannabis cultivation and consumption remains available only on a state-by-state basis, which makes cannabis skincare a bit more difficult to find. In states where THC can be purchased and used legally by adults, you will likely find cannabis skincare at licensed dispensaries. You can ask the budtenders about cannabis topicals when you visit a Colorado dispensary. You should make sure any skincare you buy uses cannabis oil and includes THC, so you can make the most of your new product.

Step aside CBD — skincare enthusiasts are looking for a more powerful cannabis ingredient to boost the look and feel of their skin. Cannabis skincare includes some uncommon compounds to excellent effect. If you can find legal cannabis skincare products in your area, you shouldn’t hesitate to try them out to see the hype for yourself.

Published on Holr Magazine