Are you aiming to spend this summer vacation in a bike-friendly country? Then you should aim for the Netherlands, which is tagged as the cyclist’s paradise. It is a haven for biking enthusiasts owing to its cycle-friendly people. The Dutch capital is home to a countless number of stunning cycling routes amidst lush green surroundings and tranquil weather. Before scheduling a trip to this spectacular country, you should go through the official website of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for the available KLM flights and book flight tickets in advance to avail standard airline benefits. Therefore, why wait, hop on your bike and peddle your way into some of the awe-inspiring locations the country has in store.

  • Utrecht

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Utrecht tops the list when it comes to bike-friendly cities in the Netherlands. It houses several bike paths exclusively meant for ardent travellers and residents. The cyclers often choose to ride their bicycle via Woudenberg which passes through the forests. The famous Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park provides breathtaking views of ponds and charming meadows. This popular route is suffused with sophisticated estates and rolling hills.

  • Zwolle

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Zwolle is a major city, which boasts of its tranquil path tailor-made for a bicycle enthusiast. To ensure optimal safety of the bikers, numerous bridges, tunnels, and cycling streets were developed. The cycling routes are flat and smooth making it one of the ideal biker routes and a memorable experience for an avid biker.

  • Groningen

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Located towards the northern part of the Netherlands, Groningen is a magnificent city brimming with historic landmarks. It will be a perfect pick for visitors who are scouting to rent a bike and catch a glimpse of vast swathes of Groningen countryside.

  • Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a cyclist’s paradise as it houses some of the picturesque routes catering to cyclists of all categories including urban city bikers and lush forest bikers. The Purple Route is a famous route that is revered by tourists and residents alike. You would come across popular canals and sightseeing spots located in the heart of the city.

  • Scheveningen dunes

Hiking beside the bewitching sea on a bright sunny day amidst clear skies at Scheveningen dunes is indisputably revitalising. There are several enchanting bike paths that would take you all the way starting from Kijkduin to Katwijk. One of the striking dunes can be traced near the Zuiderstrand area. 

  • Vecht river

Peddle your way from Weesp to Utrescht and one will be able to catch a glimpse of spectacular mansions beside the river. The merchants belonging to the Dutch Golden Age designed it. There are a plethora of dairy farms located adjacent to this river. It is a secluded place and you finally wrap up biking until the final lap at Old Canal of Utrecht 

  • Leiden to the Hague

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Even though this route is meant for train commutes regularly, it is a whole different experience while biking through this area. It is recommended to avoid choosing the shortest path and consider picking the ones that connect Vlietland. Tagged as the Riviera of the Randstad, it is a magnificent spot encircled by lush greenery and salubrious climatic conditions.

  • Texel National Park

It is a remote island located in the north of the Netherlands. The stunning coastline will enthral visitors and biking within this spot would take you to Texel National Park surrounded by appealing dunes. It is an ideal landscape which is best suited for biking. 


The uniform and smooth terrain of Dutch is best suited for cyclists regardless of age. With a highly developed infrastructure, it will be a hassle-free biking experience for the tourists. Besides, the stunning landscapes and well-structured bike paths make this place a preferred spot to ride a bike. It does not matter whether you are planning to ride on your bike or a conventional Dutch step-through bicycle, covering the entire route in the Netherlands via bike must be included in your itinerary. Travel in style to the Netherlands by booking klm flights in advance. They are one of the most efficient and sustainable airlines in the world offering connecting flights to numerous destinations across the globe.

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