Are you thinking about jetting off on holiday this year? Many of us haven’t been on a plane in over a year and so the idea of a trip abroad can be very exciting. Of course, if you aren’t used to flying or going abroad, you might have forgotten about some of the things that you need to do in advance.

To help you get ready for your trip, we’ve gathered a list of the things you must check before you jet off on holiday. Check them out below.

Is Your Passport Valid?

First things first, you need to make sure that your passport is valid. Some locations will require your passport to be valid for a few months longer than the duration of your trip, so you can definitely get home. This is especially important during the pandemic as you may get stuck somewhere if the quarantine rules change. Check your expiry date and get a replacement passport as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Do You Have Travel Insurance? 

If you are travelling abroad, you need to make sure that you have travel insurance that will cover your trip. You should always be prepared for any accidents that might occur when you are out and about, especially if you are planning on getting involved in some activities. You can get travel insurance online from companies such as Staysure so make sure to have a look. Find a policy that covers your destination and the duration of your stay.

Should You Pre-Book Activities?

Do you have a list of activities or places that you want to visit when you go abroad? Some of these places might be letting in a limited amount of people and so you might miss out if you don’t book ahead of time. You can usually find out this kind of information online so it doesn’t hurt to check before you go. Plan ahead by booking event tickets, transport and anything else you might need to have fun.

Are You Prepared For The Weather?

Another thing you should check is the weather that is expected when you go on your trip. If you don’t have the right kind of clothing then you might end up having to pay for new items when you go abroad. You can find out the recommended clothing and estimated temperatures for any destination online before you go. This might sound simple but you would be surprised at how many people are unprepared for changing temperatures. 

What Is The Local Currency?

Finally, make sure to check the local currency before you jet off on your next trip. Not only should you bring some of the local currency along with you but you should also find out how you can exchange money if you run out. This is much easier to do now than it was in the past but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. You might even want to invest in a pre-paid travel money card.

Check All Of These Things

Your trip might only be a few months away so you need to check everything on our list as soon as possible. Your passport, travel insurance and any documentation are extremely important and you should not ignore this step. Don’t forget to plan ahead when it comes to enjoying activities and being prepared with the right currency.

A little planning goes a long way, especially when you are heading off on a trip during a global pandemic. You can never be too prepared for this kind of thing!

Published on Holr Magazine