Whether it’s for a birthday party, a wedding registry, a baby registry, a fundraiser or virtually any occasion, there is now a more simplified way to ask for money. Gifted provides you with a meaningful way to ask for money while cutting out the leg work. The service allows you to set up your registry, create invitations and manage your RSVP list all in one place. The best part is you can also choose to give back by allocating a percentage of the money you collect to a charity of your choice. Who says you can’t self indulge and give back to the community?


Celebrations are a time for joy, not for stressing out over finding the perfect present. Gifted was created to solve this problem by taking the guesswork out of gift-giving, by allowing your guests to offer cold hard cash, in the most sincere way. You start by creating a personal event or campaign. Gifted then simplifies event management by creating e-invitations and RSVPs with the option to send monetary gifts of any value.  A portion of the gift will then be given back to a cause that’s important to you, with a specified percentage of your choosing, it indeed is a win-win situation!


With it’s free and easy-to-use service, messaging and sharing tools, not only does Gifted provide secure online payments, for both local and international users but also provides donors with tax receipts. Fun notifications will pop-up once someone has submitted a gift making registry a piece of cake! So step away from the trinkets and hop online to contribute towards two causes you know they’ll love, themselves and their community.


With This is Gifted, every cent adds up and no dream or cause is too big or small or beyond reach. Feel a Euro trip maybe asking just a little too much from your hardworking friends and family? So when your loved ones ask you what you want for your birthday, you graciously tell them “nothing.” Then find yourself unwrapping a unicorn shaped mug from your aunt that just “screamed you” when she saw it. Get rid of the clutter, and other unwanted gifts and get back to the experiences that matter by crossing things off your bucket list. Sip vino on the island of Mallorca, Spain, cut the bow off your brand new McLaren, or just get money towards a night out. The skys the limit.


Cash gifts are no longer just from your Uncle. Gifted offers a personal touch to cash gifts while making presents of any size feel less intimidating and so accessible even a kid could contribute.

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