Ever since tiny houses started becoming popular, I have dreamt of having one of my own. As a lover of travel and design, they are not only great as a design challenge but also for travelling. It’s fascinating to me how so much can be arranged to fit into such a small square footage, often ranging only a couple of hundred square feet or less. I also love watching videos and seeing how people use their tiny houses for their travel lifestyles, and it makes me aspire to one day do the same.

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If you’ve looked at the cost of an average smaller house available today, you know that it isn’t cheap. Building a tiny house costs only a fraction of the cost, especially if you’re also not purchasing a lot of land. On average, a tiny home costs around $100,000 to build. Not only are they affordable to build, but tiny houses are also sustainable and easy to maintain. Many sustainable design changes can be made to your tiny house for it to require less maintenance and waste. Some tiny houses are even modified to be able to be taken entirely off the grid.

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One of the main perks of travelling with a tiny house is the freedom you have. Since it doesn’t need to stay in one place, with a tiny home, you are able to travel cross-country and stop whenever and wherever you can park. Say you go to a place that you find you love and want to stay in a little longer? As tiny houses are meant for full-time living, this can be possible for however long you want as long as you have a place to park. Travel with ease across the province, country, and even continent, stopping to see anything you would like.

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Although staying in hotels can be a nice treat, another perk that comes with travelling with a tiny house is that it is YOUR space. When travelling and staying in spaces that aren’t your own, often they’re not 100% to your liking and they can be pricey. You probably have heard this situation before: you get to the hotel, jump into bed and have a terrible night’s sleep because the mattress is too firm or the pillows are too soft. When travelling with your tiny house, these issues are erased. You have your own bed, your own space and your own things with you, perfect for relaxing after a long day of exploring.

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A lot of planning goes behind designing and building a tiny house. Of course, if you’re good with construction or know someone who is, you could do it yourself; however, many companies offer tiny house building services. They can help with the process from start to finish or do some of it, leaving the rest to you. Check out these Canadian companies if you’re interested in getting a tiny house for yourself and learning more about travelling with one: