In our latest issue, Nadine Mauricette discusses the challenges professionals have juggling their intense work loads and personal relationships.

Tips to balance the two?

Start off Casual – Have a few lunch or coffee dates to get to know the person and focus on asking questions to understand their lifestyle. What has them so busy? Do they work around the clock? Is it always like this or is it just during their busy season? Do they have more than one job? Or maybe they have children an have either joint or sole custody. How do they plan to find the time to date you? Now is not the time to be shy.

Set the Ground Rules – Lets start with these suggestions:

ask that your cell phones be turned off during your time together unless it’s an extreme emergency.
this means no texting or emailing or posting to your social media pages.

Set aside certain nights for just the two of you minus work. Depending on your love’s schedule it may have to be on a weeknight.

Just because a text goes unanswered for a few hours doesn’t mean that your relationship is irrevocably broken. Now if he hasn’t texted you in days, jump to the last tip.

Be Realistic – Anyone interested in building a relationship with you should always make you feel special and like you are a major priority, but know that you’re not their only priority. Sean, aka my favourite entrepreneur and partner in crime, agrees. “Having to cancel plans at the last minute has definitely been a point of aggravation and disappointment from some women I’ve dated. Here’s my gage: No hands on the hip means she’s cool; one hand on the hips means ‘yellow light’ and to proceed with caution ; two hands on the hips means your might need the help of God and MacGyver to make it right.  

Make the Most of Your Time Together – There are only 24 hours in a day. How do you want to spend your downtime. Who says it needs to be extravagant or over the top? Sean shares this notion. “I’ve always worked very hard to make time for my family and persona life. That includes spontaneous dinner and getaways. This way they’re able to understand when plans change unexpectedly.”

Know When to Cut Your Losses – Gave it your best and it’s still not working out? Cut your losses and move on. Zora a 49-year old administrative professional, recently ended things with a businessman who travelled frequently. “I had had enough when I noticed that during his summer break he was still too busy to pend quality time with me.”

When the lines between work your personal life and become blurred it’s imperative to keep your boundaries in check. Fatigue, stress and lost time with your loved ones aren’t worth it. Someone once said you can’t maintain a work-life balance if you don’t have a life. 

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