Ranbir Sidhu is a Toronto-based designer and creative visionary who has created an exclusive OVO custom table for Drake. He’s created an extremely intricate design specifically curated for the rapper, utilizing unique materials and finishes to produce an extraordinary piece.

Photography: Anthony Galatianos

How did the initial contact with Drake happen?
After being introduced to Drake at a private event, I was able to share a collection of renderings for an OVO table, which included the inevitable (and classic) final product. Drake had examined the original options and chose this design specifically.
How did you land on a concept and an idea for the table?
OVO (October’s Very Own) is the brainchild enterprise that Drake owns. Outside of his record-breaking music, Drake shows that he has more to offer through this business. His dedication to innovative thinking and professional desire to be, and stay, at the top of his game, is inspirational. We wanted to produce something with the OVO branding that also fits Drake’s style, and this concept is the one he chose to have created.
What was the process of making it?
We took the initial idea of the table to our engineering division to consider the development. From there, a 3-D model rendering was created. We plotted how much time we would need to make the table we wanted, to the specifications we demand. And then we went to work on creating an iconic example of iconic, functional art.
What were some of the challenges you faced while creating the piece? 
We wanted to make the table would appear seamless. This is always a challenge. We had to look at where joints and fastenings would happen and create illusions that the connections occurred naturally. Through Futurezona trade secrets, we were able to engineer a seamless experience with the structure. We also had to honour the original OVO design to keep the standard of the brand and its flawless aims. The logo had to be on par with all the entities of Drake’s brand.
After this big achievement for your career, what’s the next goal on your mind? 
Well, we can’t stop dreaming and inventing, so the Futurezona team will be working on some large-scale sculptures, installations and more collaborations soon. There are many opportunities being presented to the team so we will stay busy, and as far as goals are concerned, I would say the current one is to continue producing art that stimulates imaginations and nods to an exciting future.