Why you have to check out Toronto’s newest self-care sanctuary, Lite Mind Body Clinic!


Photo Credit: Lite Mind Body Clinic

Lite Mind Body is a retreat from the stressors of everyday life. This gem in the heart of the city is the perfect hideaway to get your mind and body right. From pain and anxiety relief to anti-ageing and detoxification Lite Mind Body is a one-stop health and wellness shop. 

The clinic is packed with resources and tools to personalize your self-care experience. Lite Mind Body offers a variety of medical practices such as thermotherapy, Japanese style acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, psychotherapy and homeopathy. Wellness plans are offered to further customize your experience to your needs and wants.

heat therapy

Photo Credit: Lite Body Mind Clinic

It is the first clinic in the city to offer heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy. Heat therapy has many health benefits including detoxification, improving blood circulation and relieving pain and anxiety. Heat therapy is especially beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, stiff muscles or deep tissue injuries to the skin. 

The clinic also practises colour therapy, also known as chromotherapy. Colour therapy is an alternative medical practice used to balance one’s energy and speed up healing. It is also a great way to boost collagen making it an effective and natural anti-ager.

Colour Therapy

Photo Credit: Lite Mind Body Clinic

We recommend the lite detox experience that combines both heat and colour therapy. The lite detox experience is a 30 minute sauna with infrared heat followed by a soothing eucalyptus rain shower to wash away the sweat. There’s no need to feel guilty about skipping the gym this week because in just one 30 minutes session you can burn up to 600 calories, or what I like to call two big macs! 

During these unprecedented times, mental health issues are on the rise and it is becoming increasingly important to check in on one’s self. Bella Pahlevan is Lite Mind Body’s in-house therapist, there to assist clients in understanding their mental health issues. She offers judgement-free sessions for individuals, couples and families to openly explore their feelings.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing spa day or on a self-care journey Lite Mind Body Clinic has something for you!

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