Why is Travis Barker so popular?

While often lauded as one of the greatest drummers since his time with Blink 182, Travis Barker still makes time for young fans.


In a sweet move on Friday, the Blink 182 drummer paid a visit to 9-year-old blind drummer Grayson Roberts at his lemonade stand.

Because the post went viral, sources say that Travis heard about it through his son’s friend Mikey Tua.

Even though he only had a day’s notice, the source said Barker wanted to be there.

“He really wanted to attend Grayson’s event and show him some love, and he made it happen.”

An eyewitness told ET that Travis Barker’s arrival left everyone in shock and awe.

“Everyone was shocked Travis Barker was there, it was a huge inspiration for Grayson.”

Truly kind, Travis donated a generous amount of money and gifted Grayson a pair of drumsticks.

And Travis surprised the lad more and asked if he would be up for an impromptu jam.

After Grayson accepted the offer, the pair looked to be having a great time.

The eyewitness added, “Travis is so great with kids and to see the way he interacted with Greyson was truly awesome.”

So, it would appear that Charlie Rocket’s efforts to help Grayson turned out to be a huge success!

A huge thank you to Charlie Rocket and Travis Barker for making a little boy happy.

travis barker with his fans

Credit Image: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

How Charlie Rocket helped Travis rock out with 9-year-old Grayson Roberts.

Grayson’s stand at the Dream Factory social space in L.A had gone viral after some help from social media star Charlie Rocket.

In fact, Charlie shared with his Instagram followers that the little boy had no customers at his lemonade stand this week.

Aww, thanks Charlie. That’s very kind of you to help a boy in need.

“But he has no customers, “[L]et’s help him!!!

“He’s just so precious. If u wanna help him with me, leave a comment and we can figure out something we can all do for him!”

Less than a week after posting the video of Grayson, Travis Barker took up the mission.

What kind of person is Travis Barker?

In general, Travis can be described as brash and sometimes comes across as disrespectful when he talked about women.

But the drummer shows a deep capacity for love towards his children and to his fans.

Especially the younger ones if his recent efforts are any indication.

Clearly, there’s nothing in the world he loves more than his family but it’s wonderful that he shows that same warmth towards young fans no matter what.

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