The colder seasons generally call for the comfort over style principle, which means investing in more basic and practical coats. However, the emergence of fuzzy coats has slightly altered people’s outerwear game, but for the better. 

As observed on the F/W 2019 runways of Michael Kors and Stella McCartney, fuzzy coats have revolutionized the art of “icing” an outfit, manifesting in different forms to allow for a more ambitious yet luxurious take on our fall and winter wardrobe. Here are three different ways of rocking them to constantly ensure a lavish look!


Errand ready with a teddy

For daily errands, comfort is generally the priority however with fuzzy coats such as a teddy coat, you can look presentable depending on the style. If you are travelling to farther places or will be gone for a while, we suggest going for a mid thigh length or a coat that is past the knee for sufficient coverage. For colours, go for the classic browns, blacks, or navies so they will easily blend in with your outfit. You may also throw in a scarf if you get cold easily. 

Hailey Baldwin, Pinterest


Never too extra for the office

Wearing a fuzzy coat to the office may seem “extra” to some but again, depending on the cut, you may still rely on its practicality without turning many heads. A bomber style fuzzy coat may be worn for a suit combo (i.e. blazer and plants) as it’s not too heavy, but still adds enough warmth to the whole outfit. If generally wear thinner blouses and/or skirts then you may opt for a longer fur coat to make up for the inadequate coverage. For colours, consider monochromes. If you’re ambitious, you might just go for bolder colours such as the reds, greens, and camels.


Stephanie Waxberg,The Style Memo

Forever fabulous with fur

A formal occasion with friends or a party at a club gives you the ultimate excuse to pull off a million dollar look, and rock a (faux) fur coat.  This is also a time to whip out the statement colours – icy greys, bright magentas, yellows, and deep camels. You may even consider wearing an animal printed fur coat for that extra pop. Further, as you will most likely be wearing revealing clothes, long coats are suggested to provide enough coverage but also to compliment your spicy outfit with the right amount of drama.


Kendall Jenner by James Devaney, Getty Images


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