Fans have a crazy theory involving Trisha Paytas and the Royal Family. HOLR breaks it down.

Trisha Paytas Baby Name

According to this video posted by user @trishlikefish88, Trisha is addressing rumors that her unborn baby is somehow related to the Royal Family- as some people claim online.

Image Credit: @trishlikefish88 TikTok

Trisha Paytas TikTok

As noted in the TikTok video, Paytas is addressing rumors started online that she has “no ties to the Royal Family” or “England.” She also wishes no “ill will” towards King Charles III or Kate Middleton, who are both in the hospital for separate issues.

Paytas also claims that she doesn’t plan on giving birth until May.

“I feel like people just need to like relax a little bit,” says Paytas.

Allegedly, people on the internet think that every time Paytas gets pregnant, her baby is a reincarnated version of someone who recently passed from the Royal Family.

For instance, back in 2022, there was a conspiracy floating around claiming that Paytas’ first daughter would be reincarnated as Queen Elizabeth II. As noted here, Paytas previously addressed these rumors when she stated, “I still don’t get the correlation between the two,” Paytas said, in reference to her being dilated and Queen Elizabeth’s death. “But I did not have my baby and there is no reincarnation of the Queen in my baby.”

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8, 2022, and Paytas gave birth to her daughter, Malibu Barbie, on September 14, 2022.

After news spread that King Charles III would be hospitalized due to an enlarged prostate, fans quickly took to the internet to start rumors surrounding Paytas’ second pregnancy and King Charles III somehow being related. King Charles III’s hospital trip is for a benign condition, in which he will undergo a corrective procedure.

“Don’t keep rooting for me to get pregnant just because of the Royal Family,” states Paytas in the TikTok video, who seemingly addresses the alleged rumor that whenever she gets pregnant something happens to a member of the Royal Family.

Paytas is setting the record straight that she has no ties to the Royal Family so these rumors can be laid to rest.

What do you think about these alleged rumors and Paytas’ response? 

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