Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron took to TikTok to explain a viral video of himself on a plane, seemingly captured by another woman who recognized him. 

According to this TikTok video posted by Cameron on his account (@tylercameron3) the Bachelor Nation star is coming forward to address a viral video captured of himself on a plane. He is giving viewers the inside scoop on allegedly what went down behind the scenes of that video.


#stitch with @Sasha this was hiliarious and embarrassing 😂😂 much love sasha!

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Tyler Cameron Plane

As Cameron claims in the TikTok video, initially his flight was delayed for approximately 3 hours. When it was time for everyone to finally board the flight, he stated that a woman came up to him and asked him if he was Tyler Cameron, to which he responded, “Yes.”

He claims she was very nice but that she started going up to everyone and asking them, “Do you know who this is?” Cameron tells his TikTok audience that he was just “trying to get on the plane and chill” but the woman was telling everyone that he was previously on The Bachelor. He also alleges that other people from the flight are now starting to look at him. “This is just getting more weird and more awkward,” Cameron explains in the video, noting that the encounter is making him feel embarrassed by the second.

Tyler Cameron OnlyFans

He tries to play it cool and takes a selfie with the woman, while also shaking her boyfriend’s hand during their meeting. He reiterates that she was nice and claims that he thought that the selfie photo they took together would be the end of their interaction. However, when everyone starts boarding the plane, he notices that the woman states to the lineup that Cameron recently dropped an OnlyFans. This further embarrasses Cameron who claims that he was “mortified” by the remark.

Apparently, a father also comes up to Cameron in the process of this happening, telling him, “Great man, now you have my 8-year-old son asking me what an OnlyFans is.” Cameron alleges that after this woman’s proclamation regarding his OnlyFans account, he is just “trying to get away” from the entire situation.

When he sits beside a “lovely” older couple, he notices the woman walking by the aisle, with her camera out signaling to him again. He claims that the entire interaction was “funny” overall and that the woman was “nice and sweet” asking fans not to “come at her” for her behavior. However, he states that he was “mortified” at how she stated he had an OnlyFans seemingly in front of the entire plane.

One TikTok user, believed to be the woman in the story, took to the comment section to apologize to Cameron, who responded with “All love Sasha.”

Tyler Cameron New Show

Cameron claims his OnlyFans was really just an April Fool’s joke to get people to watch his show which had a trailer coming out the following day. He states that his OnlyFans account features one risqé photo and the rest is reportedly all about his show.

What do you think about Cameron’s synopsis of his recent encounter?  

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