Rumors are swirling regarding whether or not Bachelor Nation’s Tyler Cameron is dating Daisy Kent after Kent was sported at one of his events. 

According to this TikTok video posted by user @torijjensen, a new rumor is floating around Bachelor Nation.


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Who is Tyler Cameron dating?

As outlined in the clip, Daisy Kent and Tyler Cameron are allegedly hanging out right now. Kent reportedly posted that she was at his release party. It is unclear how close the two are, but fans are definitely shipping them together following Joey’s recent season of The Bachelor ending. The pair are- according to the TikToker- the most sought-after Bachelor and Bachelorettes after they became the runner-ups in their respective seasons.

There is no concrete evidence to support claims that they are dating- we only know that Kent went to Cameron’s release party, so it is unclear where the two stand or if anything will come from this interaction.

Tyler Cameron Girlfriend

However, these new claims follow alleged news that Cameron is reportedly seeing someone- Tate Madden! As outlined in this article, the duo have been spotted together on social media quite a bit recently causing romance rumors to swirl. Cameron recently came forward to address dating rumors, stating that he is allegedly “dating someone” although he did not reveal who this supposed someone is, which is why fans have speculated that it could be Madden.

Daisy Kent Dating

On the flip side, this recent article claims that Kent has been on multiple dates with one person following Joey’s season-ending. A relationship with someone has not officially been confirmed yet so it looks like Kent is just enjoying her time after the series’ finale for the time being.

Who is the next Bachelorette?

Kent was recently thought to be the next Bachelorette before it was announced that Jenn Tran would be the next leading lady of the Bachelor franchise. Tran will be the first Asian-American bachelorette of the series.

What are your thoughts on Tyler Cameron and Daisy Kent seemingly hanging out? Do you think anything will come from this alleged interaction even though the duo are suspected to be dating other people? 

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