The phenomenon is now known as the ‘fashion system’ forms an integral part of the fashion Industry and portrays many different forms of society and different cultures. The term comprises not only the art of fashion but also the advances of fashion entrepreneurs. The term ‘New Age Creative Careers’ has in the recent decade been brought to light. The term looks at those individuals who create successful niche markets. Fashion entrepreneurs who have expertise in both creating and understanding how trend markets works are usually the most successful.

They have also recently fallen into this category because of how dynamic that niche market is doing in the economy. These fashion entrepreneurs understand how to strategically manage their brands, as well as influence innovative fashion collections, fashion trends and fashion buying and selling. They have unique approaches when it comes to expressing analytics and communicating with their target audiences in a language that draws the consumer in.

23-year-old, Tondani Ragwala is the proud owner of her fashion line called ByTondani. Tondani like many others in this field knew from a young age that fashion in some way or form was their calling. Tondani explains how her venture into starting her career began. She says, “Ever since I was young, I was always into fashion and design and making and creating my own clothes”.

Tondani started out by selling bralettes before she came out with her line. She says, “my biggest challenge was definitely money and believing in myself” She explains that even though her bralette business was a hit, the gaps in between selling orders and creating them were challenging especially when orders were slow. To any young aspiring designers she offers this advice “don’t feel like you can’t do something just because someone else is also already doing it, I design clothing that would probably be something you would see at Zara, but the thing is that it’s something that I made and it has a little bit of me in it, so that makes it very unique”.

Tondani now has 15 pieces that she has created and the future of ByTondani is definitely bright. Her marketing and trend analysis skills mixed together with her amazing design skills can only create a sustainable fashion entrepreneur with a thriving business. She says “at the end of the day I have 15 amazing pieces, that I love and even if no body bought them they’d still be something that I’ve created and the fact that I went for it and I’m still here doing it gives me hope for the future of ByTondani”.

Be sure to check out her page on Instagram @ByTondani