American snowboarder and now silver medalist Julia Marino caught everyone’s eyes at the 2022 Bejing Olympics, not only with her big air skills but with her subtle yet flashy Prada snowboard and Linea Rossa Ski Collection gear. 

Athletes from every country in the Olympics are suited up in gear that is cohesive for all the athletes from every sport, so that when in competition or on podiums you know which country they are representing. For snowboard athletes, there are a few options they have when it comes to personal gear, and that mostly revolves around the board, binding, boots, helmet and goggles. For Julia Marino, she is one of the lucky athletes that has not only won a silver medal but is representing one of the most luxurious high-end fashion brands while on the slopes. Marino is set up with the Prada Linea Rossa Ski Collection, for which she has become an ambassador. 

Blending influences drawn from the world of technical sportswear with streamlined silhouettes, Prada Linea Rossa redefines the idea of modern luxury, with a focus on technical detailing and new manufacturing possibilities. Dynamic, versatile and high-performance designs crafted using sustainable textile technologies define a new urban uniform geared towards movement.”-Prada

Prada Linea Rossa Snowboard $4500:

Although Julia Marino rocks the all-white board, the all-black board is a signature piece with an intricate design on the top of the board, and a classic red stripe and Prada logo on the bottom of the board. The snowboard has a free-style inspired shape and is made from eco-friendly materials. 

Prada Linea Rossa- For Oakley Helmet $925: 

The matte black helmet makes for a stylish ride down the hills. The helmet is fully equipped with safety features, including a removable liner for antibacterial purposes. The helmet has the classic red Prada stripe on the top helmet which makes riders know you wearing Prada but it is also subtle enough to look sleek on the slopes. 

Prada Linea Rossa- For Oakley Ski Goggles $725: 

These special edition goggles are large rimless lenses that offer superior peripheral vision. With Prizm technology, the goggles give optimizing visuals that emphasize details to give perfect visibility.  

Article published by HOLR Magazine