Moving day can be a nerve-wracking and frustrating time for many people. One of the worst parts is that it often leaves you with more work to do once you are all moved in because there are so many things that were forgotten or lost during the move. To help make your moving day less stressful, here are some useful hacks to keep in mind on moving days!

Pack up your things in boxes and label them

This is probably the most important hack to remember. There’s nothing worse than being unable to find your things after a long day of moving from one home to another! Label each box with both permanent marker and masking tape so that you can see them clearly, as well as writing down what room or area they should be placed in once they are emptied at their final destination.

One trick for labeling your boxes correctly if you have an odd number of items going into each box is by numbering the bottom side of every other item going into it, such as putting ‘odd’ on all those pieces which will go on top, and keeping track of whether there were even numbers or not when filling up a new box!

Find a friend to help you on moving day 

Hiring movers can be extremely costly and time-consuming, but it is not always necessary. 

If you have a friend or family member who will help out on move day with carrying boxes and furniture around the house, they will most likely be willing to do so for free in return for your helping them carry heavy appliances up their stairs! If you can’t find someone to help you at the moment you should consider local movers near you to give you a hand. Another benefit of having friends over on moving days is that everyone has something else going on during this chaotic time so they may appreciate some moral support from others who are also at home when trying to reorient themselves into their new environment.

Get rid of clutter around the house

A cluttered house is not only a nightmare to clean and organize, but can also be hazardous for your health. Take some time before the move day to get rid of unnecessary objects such as old clothes you no longer wear or books that are collecting dust on shelves rather than being read! Not only will this make moving less stressful because you won’t have any objects cluttering up space in boxes, but it will also help keep away bugs and pests after everything has been moved into its new home.

Another important thing to do if possible during the clutter cleanup is bagging up all food items so that they can go straight into the fridge once they’ve arrived at their final destination.

Clean up after yourself

Don’t leave dishes in the sink or dirty clothes lying around. Not only will this make the new house feel chaotic and messy, but it could also potentially lead to bugs or pests moving in. To avoid these potential hazards, don’t forget to clean up after yourself before you leave!

Another important thing that needs to be done for a successful move is being sure to get rid of all your extra trash from packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap. 

Many cities have specific days when recycling centers are open so check with them beforehand if there’s any confusion about what can or cannot go into which box or bag.


Keep an eye out for any broken items 

Broken items don’t just pose a danger while they’re being carried around the house and risk getting damaged further, but if you do not fix them before moving day then it will be difficult to find time or energy in your new place to get these objects fixed. Try asking friends for advice about how to take care of certain broken appliances such as washing machines so that they can hopefully help keep any potential problems from arising once everything has been moved into its final destination!

Avoid using cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are cheap and easy to come by, but they will not protect your belongings if you plan on moving them long distances. If you truly can’t afford to buy any other type of box then at least try to move closer rather than further away since it is much cheaper overall!

We hope that these tips have helped make the process go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved in the home renovation. Good luck with your new home!

Published on Holr Magazine