Going Coastal with Champagne Sunsets and Crystal Waters — The Moorings breaks down their exclusive yacht culture for any “Wanderlust” looking for the ultimate escape.

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Set Your Sights

The Moorings have you covered, whether you’re a sailing purist, or you want to wake up to freshly baked bread in the middle of the ocean! Need your glass topped up by you’re personal host catering to your every waking need? That will be arranged.

If you’re a pro, embrace your inner nomad and chart your own waters. Or if you’re the audacious type with a sense of humour who just wants to turn to your friends & family saying “look at me… I’m the Captain now.” Learn alongside the best; invest in yourself and get your license with The Moorings partner, Offshore Sailing School. So what is Yacht culture? It’s all about you- DARING to live bigger than your dreams…care for an adventure?



Luxury Within Reach 

Let’s be real- unless you were the rich & famous, you had to find a job on that boat if you ever wanted a glimpse of “yacht living.” The Moorings took this restricted culture and made it more affordable through elite customization. In some cases, the traditional costs you would pay for a “yacht day,” has been stretched to a weeks stay, depending on your vessel & package choices. So forget bar hopping & get on island hopping.

Think serene views with your better half, or legendary bachelor/bachelorette parties, anniversaries, honeymoons … you name it! It’s clear that Moorings puts you first, as this will mark their 8th consecutive year being awarded the TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. So relax & indulge in a way you may not have dared before.


Limitless Options

This isn’t your parents cruise vacation; a yacht is like a private villa on water, no crowds, buffet lines or kids-unless they’re your own. The Moorings hold the newest, most innovative yachts from the best engineers & top designers. Re-think the way you treat yourself with their 20 stunning locations worldwide and counting with over 400 yachts in their fleet.



How Does It Work?

  • Sail- Custom Catamarans.
    This bareboat is for those wanting to explore secluded places unattainable by larger vessels.
  • Power- Fuel-efficient Powercats. A yacht for those who want to dock at beachside towns travels with speed, space & state of the art accommodations.
  • Crewed- Captain, host & gourmet chef at your service-yes, please! You can add a “Skipper”- a highly trained local in the know for the “hidden gems” in the paradise you’ve chosen to explore.
  • Provisioning services- Have your yacht pre-stocked with the perfect wines & your personal favourites.


Dive In

You can snorkel, paddleboard, fish for the catch-of-the-day, or just stretch out on that deck getting sun-kissed. You can dock the boat, explore on foot the culturally rich places you will travel to, like The British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Greece, St. Lucia, Bora Bora, & many more. This unique experience gives you privacy with unmatched views so you can be fully engaged in each moment… and at the very least it’s Instagram gold.


The Latest

The Moorings gave HOLR a sneak peak…they’re adding Portorosa, Sicily as their newest, hottest Mediterranean sailing destination. So get ready for the Portorosa Marina harbour, lined with bars, shops, and cafes, calling all wine & food enthusiasts!

The Moorings are also celebrating their 50th anniversary in style, so stay tuned for cigars by turquoise waters, and follow them on Facebook & Instagram. Live the champagne life on a yacht!


To book your next yacht vacation and live the luxury life, visit their website at www.moorings.com 

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