A horrifying accident involving YouTuber Nidal Wonder is circulating online. HOLR breaks down what allegedly happened.

According to this article, Nidal Wonder- who is a popular YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers on the platform- was involved in an accident that seemingly left him having to be treated with a breathing tube in the hospital. Photos of Nidal Wonder posted on social media also allegedly showed the teen having been fitted with a neck brace.

Nidal Wonder Instagram

The below post shows Nidal Wonder being treated in the hospital, as well as alleged images from the scene of the accident.


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Nidal Wonder Accident

The accident allegedly occurred after he crashed into the side of a car while riding on his scooter. His family shared a statement (below) on social media with updates regarding Nidal Wonder’s condition. It seems as though Nidal Wonder is off the breathing tubes now. Additionally, he woke up (after being sedated for about 4 days), and he was “cracking jokes.” He is currently on the road to recovery.

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Image credits: @jamelwonder IG, @thewonderfamilychannel IG