Did Sweetly Seasoned food truck close down? HOLR breaks down the rumors and new updates.

Sweetly Seasoned Dallas

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, Sweetly Seasoned has allegedly permanently closed down following the backlash from TikTok content creator Keith Lee’s latest review.

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck Reviews

According to the video, the food truck seemingly closed down after the owner reportedly took the entire $4,000 tip Keith Lee left even though it was seemingly supposed to be split between the other employees on site that day.

It was also recommended by Lee that the owner give out free plates for the rest of the day- she only gave it 3 free plates before charging again.

According to Google, it looks as if the business has permanently shut down after receiving bad reviews from people following the owner seemingly taking the tip money all for herself.

As the TikToker above mentions, the owner’s son also took to social media to seemingly “yell” at people in the chat. There was also an alleged Apple Cash icon at the top of the chat which was presumed to be how much of the tip was shared between the other employees who were supposed to get $1K each from the total $4K tip.

There were also allegations that the owner raised prices when Keith Lee came but this remains unconfirmed and is just an alleged rumor.

Keith Lee TikTok

Lee took to TikTok to make an update video on the situation here on his channel @keith_lee125.

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck And Catering

Some people took to the comment section of the above video to claim that the company is not closed- they just opened under a different name following the backlash.

What do you think about this alleged news?

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