What is the drama with Keith Lee from TikTok and Sweetly Seasoned? 

Keith Lee TikTok

According to this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, food TikToker Keith Lee gave a $4,000 tip to a struggling food truck owner and they allegedly “ruined it.”

Keith Lee TikTok


Keith Lee Sweetly Seasoned

As noted in the video, Lee was in Dallas, Texas when he went to a food truck. The food truck was reportedly struggling to get by so Lee helped out by tipping $4,000. He told the owner they should keep $2,000 and split the other $2,000 with the two other employees. He also allegedly suggested they could give out free food plates for the day.

Sweetly Seasoned LLC

The food truck owner supposedly kept the full $4,000 for themselves and only gave out 3 free plates of food before charging people again. The owner reportedly went online to defend themselves for doing this and was met with backlash.

Here is the video Lee posted about his experience on TikTok:

Keith Lee TikTok


Sweetly Seasoned Owner

Check out a clip of the owner’s reaction on live here reposted by user @therealdoubledeemuva. She is getting a lot of backlash after going on social media to address the issue

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck


According to the owner’s response, they didn’t split the tip because they said Lee thought that the other two employees were their children when this is actually not the case. They are just friends of their children. She also claimed that Lee wasn’t “with her” when there is actually video footage of Lee going up to the owner, explaining it all and holding her hands.

The comment section in the above video was not happy with the owner’s response to the situation.

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck

In the above clip, the owner alleges that she is “not a scammer and not a thief.” Although people are not convinced after her response to Lee’s instructions. One of the employees that day also came out with a response video (here, posted by user @cantguardmecanyou) alleging that Lee is not to blame for this-

Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck


Sweetly Seasoned Food Truck Dallas

The employee claims that Lee tipped $4,000 on top of paying tax and leaving another $886 on top of everything. This employee in the video claims that they charged Lee right there and thought that the owner would have “the decency, the humanity, the morality” to split the money as Lee suggested – between the owner and employees.

The employee alleges that the owner claimed the money would take a day or two to clear and the employee claims that it was their fault for “believing and trusting that this lady was going to do right with what Lee said.”

It is still unclear if the employees will get the money Lee was hoping the owner would split with the team that day. Lee has also not yet responded to the viral news surrounding Sweetly Seasoned.

What do you think about this viral news- who do you think was in the wrong?

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