What happened to Yourfellowarab in Haiti? HOLR breaks down the latest claims involving the YouTuber.

Yourfellowarab Haiti

According to this TikTok video posted by user @dailymail, YouTuber @yourfellowarab was reportedly kidnapped in Haiti.

Yourfellowarab Kidnapped

Addison Pierre Maalouf, AKA Yourfellowarab, was allegedly kidnapped in Haiti after he went to the island to interview Barbeque, who is the most “powerful” gang leader in the country. However, before he reportedly got the chance to do so, he was supposedly kidnapped by the 400 Mawozo Gang. Now, he is allegedly being held for a ransom of $600,000, $40,000 of which has already been paid.

Yourfellowarab Twitch

Yourfellowarab allegedly posted this on X before he left for this trip.

It is unclear what exactly happened to Yourfellowarab, but in this related video posted by @dailymail, Yourfellowarab reportedly claimed that they had “safe passage” and were “already approved” when reportedly discussing this interview to meet Barbeque.

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Image credits: @dailymail TikTok