It is alleged that Kendall Jenner and her brand 818 are being accused of destroying a mural and sign causing controversy online. 

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Kendall Jenner is in the news, along with her brand 818, following the first weekend of Coachella. As outlined in this TikTok video posted by user @laurenisgossip, allegedly, Jenner and 818 are being accused of supposedly destroying an AC/DC mural at a local bar for the recent 818 Coachella event.


Kendall Jenner and 818 are ALLEGEDLY being ACCUSED of destorying a mural and sign at a local Indio club where they hosted 818 Outpost during Coachella weekend 1!

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Kendall Jenner 818

As the TikToker goes on to say, the owners of the bar (Club 5 Bar) reportedly did sign a contract and gave permission to Jenner and 818 to cover up the mural. It was reportedly believed that some protection would be used to ensure the mural underneath would not be damaged after the 818 sign was taken down after the event. However, one of the owners is alleging that 818 and Kendall Jenner did destroy the AC/DC mural in the process and reportedly have no plans to help restore the original mural.

818 Kendall Jenner

This has stirred controversy online, but, allegedly, this related article by TMZ claims that the contracts signed state they supposedly “actively agreed to and acknowledged the potential for damage” due to the 818 sign going overtop of the mural. The TMZ article also alleges that sources “with direct knowledge of the contracts signed and the emails exchanged” showed that one of the owners of the bar were allegedly aligned with the AC/DC sign’s condition after the 818 sign was removed.

There is no concrete evidence to support these claims but what are your thoughts on this alleged controversy?

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Image Credit: @laurenisgossip TikTok, @kendalljenner Instagram

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