Drake just posted a Super Bowl LVIII bet. HOLR breaks it down.

Drake took to Instagram to share his bet for the Super Bowl LVIII winner. Who do you think he picked to win this year’s Super Bowl?

Drake Super Bowl

Check it out on social media here:

Drake Super Bowl

Image Credit: @champagnepapi Instagram

Who did Drake bet on Super Bowl LVIII

As you can see in the viral image, Drake seemingly placed a million-dollar bet for the Kansas City Chiefs to win against the San Francisco 49ers. The caption reads, “I can’t bet against the swifties @stake”. This is seemingly in reference to Taylor Swift being in attendance at the Super Bowl to cheer on her man Travis Kelce, who plays for the Chiefs.

Drake allegedly bet $1,150,000 to win an estimated payout of $2,346,000 if the Chiefs are successful in winning (including overtime). The payment allegedly looks like it is in Bitcoin.

A lot of his fans left their opinions in the comment section of his newest post, seemingly agreeing with Drake’s bet claiming that the Chiefs will pull through for the win.

What do you think of Drake’s bet? Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

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