Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey recently shared their secret to staying connected despite Hollywood’s demands: a strict two-week family rule.

Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey recently celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary with a heartening Instagram post. The Marvel actor shared a side-by-side photo collage, featuring an original snapshot from their wedding day in 2005 alongside a recreation of the moment, this time dressed casually with Susan holding yellow sunflowers instead of pink and white roses.

Downey captioned the post with a touching message: “18 years and love still blossoming!!”


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Susan Downey revealed to another publication, PEOPLE, here, that she and her husband, Robert Downey Jr., seemingly adhere to a strict two-week rule, ensuring the family remains together and allegedly doesn’t go more than 14 days without seeing each other.

Despite feeling like a long duration at times, they prioritize being together, especially since Robert’s acting career often takes him to distant locations. Susan emphasizes the unpredictability of their lives, acknowledging that unexpected events can disrupt their plans, but they remain flexible and adaptable.

Robert Downey Jr. Wife

The couple, who have been married for 18 years and share two children, Exton and Avri, along with Robert’s son from a previous marriage, Indio, cherishes their time together as a family. Susan, who also works as Robert’s producing partner, acknowledges the challenges of balancing their schedules but appreciates the flexibility her role provides compared to Robert’s acting commitments.

While Robert immerses himself in his acting projects, including his recent Oscar-winning role in Oppenheimer and his upcoming HBO series The Sympathizer, Susan admires his dedication and craftsmanship. Despite his effortless performances, she recognizes the depth of his commitment and skill in portraying diverse characters.

Their dynamic as a couple navigating the demands of Hollywood reflects mutual admiration and understanding, with Susan’s admiration for Robert’s dedication and Robert’s appreciation for their stable family life.

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