People are talking about Kim Kardashian’s eyes- could something be wrong with them?

Kim Kardashian Eye What’s Wrong

According to this TikTok video posted by user @careclarkbsn, people are curious to know if there could be something wrong with Kim Kardashian’s eye after rumors started swirling regarding one of them allegedly looking “wonky.”


Replying to @Karen does #kimk have a wonky eye? 😂🙊 no, i dont think so. I think she has #ptosis from botox! #kimkardashian

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Kim Kardashian Eye

As the TikToker outlines, people have alleged that Kardashian has been using bangs or strategic hairstyles to cover up her alleged “wonky eye” lately.

However, the TikToker alleges that instead of a “wonky” eye, Kardashian may have ptosis which is reportedly something that can happen as a side effect of undergoing Botox. It’s allegedly rare, as the TikToker points out, but it still can happen. As the TikToker explains, this can allegedly happen when the Botox is injected too low into the frontalis or into the eyelid muscle. This can supposedly lead to the lid grouping together. This is not permanent. As the TikToker notes, this goes away once the Botox begins to wear off.

One user pointed out an allegation that Kardashian is allergic to Botox, as revealed in an old episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. However, this claim remains unclear.

It’s important to note that this has not been confirmed, but could be a likely scenario in the case of Kardashian’s eye allegedly looking slightly off. 

Other users took to the comment section to share their own opinions on what could have led to Kardashian’s latest appearance.

Again nothing has been officially confirmed so it is unclear if there is actually something wrong with Kim Kardashian’s eye or not… What are your thoughts?

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