Who Is The Real Martha Scott In Baby Reindeer On Netflix?

I recently binge-watched “Baby Reindeer,” on Netflix and it was a compelling story masterfully adapted by Netflix. I found the chilling one-man show that Netflix made for the screen, both enthralling and unsettling, a testament to the prowess of its sole performer and creator, Richard Gadd.

Real Martha Scott Fiona Harvey

Update: The devil works harder but internet sleuths work harder. It appears as though the identity of the real Martha Scott from Netflix Baby Reindeer has been revealed. A woman named Fiona Harvey has tweets dated back to 2014 that tag Richard Gadd and say thins such as, “@richardgadd my curtains need hung badly.” To see what the real Martha Scott Fiona Harvey looks like, read our latest article here.

Fiona Harvey Baby Reindeer Richard Gadd Stalker

Fiona Harvey had a history of stalking prior to stalking Richard Gadd and one article revealed that she was stalking the MP’s wife at the time Laura Wray.

Martha Scott Fiona Harvey Richard Gadd Tweets

Who is Martha Scott Baby Reindeer?

One of the central questions viewers may have when diving into “Baby Reindeer” is, “Who is Martha Scott?”  This enigmatic figure around whom the narrative revolves is not a character portrayed by any actor, but rather an ordinary woman whose obsession with Gadd propels the storyline. Martha Scott, as Gadd introduces her, is a real-life figure from his past, whose interaction with him began innocuously at a bar where he was working.

Initially, Martha appears to be just another mundane customer, but as her interactions with Gadd become more frequent and invasive, her true colors are revealed. She starts visiting him at work more often, sending him excessive messages, and even showing up at his home uninvited. What starts as seemingly benign interest quickly spirals into a full-blown obsession, effectively turning Gadd’s life into a living nightmare.

Martha had a history of obsessive behaviour and stalking others in the past but Gadd made an effort to not show her as a monster but rather as a real person who the system failed. Gadd has not revealed who the real Martha Scott is as a means to protect the person at the center of this story.

Who Is Martha Scott Reddit

Baby Reindeer Martha Scott Identity Reddit

One user on Reddit believes that they have located the real Martha Scott and claims that Gadd attempted to disguise the real stalker by portraying her as overweight and not conventionally attractive. This person states that the real Martha Scott is neither overweight nor particularly unattractive. The person has not posted the link to the real Martha Scott but they are apparently PM’ing people the article they found that they believe to be based on the real Martha Scott in Richard Gadd’s Baby Reindeer. Other users on Reddit are speculating that that stalkers name is Maria Marchese who was previously charged with stalking a doctor but the timing does not add up as Maria was jailed in 2012 on a 9-year sentence.

Baby Reindeer True Story Netflix Review

Baby Reindeer True Story Netflix Review

“Baby Reindeer” is minimalist in its setup but rich in emotional depth and narrative complexity. Richard Gadd uses the stage to convey a sense of claustrophobia and anxiety, which mirrors his mental state throughout the ordeal with Martha. The use of direct address, multimedia projections, and sound design in the Netflix adaptation intensifies this experience, making the viewer almost feel the oppressiveness of Martha’s presence.

Gadd’s performance is a raw nerve exposed, flitting seamlessly between humor, rage, and despair. His storytelling is gripping, with a rhythm and pace that keep you on the edge of your seat. The way he portrays his vulnerability and the psychological impact of Martha’s harassment offers a profound commentary on the themes of privacy, mental health, and the complexities of human interaction.

Netflix has done a commendable job adapting this intense stage experience into a film that captures the essence of the live performance while making it accessible to a broader audience. The transitions between Gadd’s live footage and the re-enactments of his encounters with Martha are smooth, maintaining the show’s flow and increasing its impact.

Baby Reindeer Netflix April 2024

“Baby Reindeer” is not just a recount of a personal experience but a harrowing look into the effects of stalking and the psychological trauma associated with it. Richard Gadd’s courage in sharing his story and his prowess in storytelling make this show a must-watch. Martha Scott, as the fulcrum of this distress, is portrayed not just as a villain, but as a complex figure, prompting discussions about mental health and the adequacy of societal protections against harassment.

This show is a powerful reminder of the thin line between normal social interaction and invasive behavior that can turn life-threatening. It’s a gripping, nuanced, and profoundly disturbing exploration of obsession and personal boundaries. Netflix’s “Baby Reindeer” is an exceptional watch that I would highly recommend, but perhaps with a caveat: it is as unsettling as it is enlightening.

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