“Baby Reindeer” Fans Uncover Martha Scott’s True Identity Through Exposed Tweets.

The Netflix series “Baby Reindeer” has sparked a frenzy of speculation among fans, particularly regarding the true identity of Martha Scott, a central character based on Richard Gadd’s real-life stalker. As viewers delve into the show’s narrative, they’ve turned to social media platforms to uncover clues about the true story of the enigmatic figure behind Martha.

Who is the Real Martha Scott?

“Baby Reindeer” portrays Martha Scott as a complex character, embodying traits of vulnerability, obsession, and manipulation. While the series fictionalizes elements of Richard Gadd’s experiences, Martha’s character is rooted in real-life events, prompting viewers to speculate about the identity of the person who inspired her.

Baby Reindeer the Real Martha Scott

Amidst this online investigations, a compelling theory has emerged, linking a certain individual to the character of Martha Scott. Social media users have unearthed tweets and online posts attributed to an individual named Fiona Harvey who can be seen above, drawing parallels between her online presence and Martha’s behavior in the series.

Baby Reindeer Tweets Exposed

The online discourse surrounding “Baby Reindeer” has gained momentum following the emergence of tweets attributed to Fiona Harvey, prompting speculation about her potential association with the character Martha Scott. These tweets, originating from user @fionaharvey2014 and dating back several years, bear striking resemblances to Martha’s behaviours depicted in the series, sparking curiosity about Harvey’s connection to Gadd’s narrative.

Baby Reindeer Tweets Exposed

One notable tweet from 2014 mirrors Martha Scott’s dialogue from the show, where she mentions the need to “hang the curtains.” to Richard Gadd. Furthermore, another tweet directly addressed to Gadd inquires about email correspondence, reminiscent of Martha’s relentless communication depicted in the series, where she inundates Gadd with over 41,071 emails.

As users correlate the show with real-life tweets, exemplified by the Twitter post above which displays the tweets, and discoveries from social media platforms like her Facebook and Instagram profiles where she labels herself as a “lawyer,” mirroring a detail from the show, speculation about her potential connection to Gadd’s real-life ordeal escalates.

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