As the new year is on the horizon, a majority of entrepreneurs are gunning for business growth. And since we have learned many valuable lessons about the expansion of businesses, as well as branding over the past year, things are looking up in 2021.

 The first order of business? Employing videos in all marketing ventures.

According to research studies, 85% of users in the United States indulge in video content on a monthly basis. This is to say that when you choose this mode of advertising, you will reach out to all kinds of audiences and target groups.

But hold up! We are not talking about every day, run of the mill videos that can be uploaded on YouTube. Our focus is well-produced, corporate videos that will push your marketing campaign and create brand awareness.

Here are a few reasons why corporate video production is important in 2021:


  • Showcases professionalism


When running a business, you want to be as professional as possible- at all times. What better way to do it than through corporate video production? When you put out these videos then you will come across as a brand that is serious about its craft and one that equally values its audience. 

Of course, you can determine how professional you want to be within the video. However, you will have to work with the best corporate video agency to pull this off. With qualified experts on board, your corporate video will not be lacking in any way whatsoever.


  • Promotes authenticity


There is nothing more important than representing your brand as an authentic storyteller. It inspires empathy and connections amongst your intended audience. While you are producing a corporate video, it is still best to include storytelling elements that everyone can relate to.

 Yes, you are a successful brand, but we also want to know about your struggles and how your products and services will impact the world at large.


  • It’s all about the search engines


Granted, search engines appreciate high-quality content. But did you know that they also favor videos? In other words, it is time to take your marketing game a notch higher in 2021. 

When your videos are clean-cut and thoroughly documented, then they provide solutions that online users are searching for. Thus, they will rank highly in search engines. Just remember to post your videos in text and visual format as this will help build your case as an industry expert.


Whether you want to produce a fun video that showcases your brand’s quirky side or a serious, laid-back one that will make your professionalism shine through, using a corporate video agency is the way to do it.

Today, a majority of people respond well to authenticity and empathy. Therefore, a great video is key to equally great content. Needless to say, video production is the powerhouse marketing tool in 2021. 

Don’t get left behind in the frenzy. Now, stop reading this article and start producing your very first corporate video!