Bigg Boss 17, the ever-charismatic Salman Khan took center stage as he addressed the controversial comedian Munawar Faruqui, stirring up a storm of anticipation among fans and critics alike.

The Bollywood megastar, who also serves as the host of the popular reality show, did not hold back as he expressed his discontent with Faruqui for reasons yet to be fully revealed. Let’s delve into the details of this unexpected confrontation and explore the potential ramifications.

The promo opens with Salman Khan, known for his wit and straight talk, expressing his displeasure with Munawar Faruqui. While the exact reason for Salman’s criticism is not disclosed in the teaser, it is clear that the host is taking a strong stance against the controversial comedian. Salman’s disapproval raises questions about the nature of Faruqui’s actions inside the Bigg Boss house and their potential impact on the dynamics of the show.

Munawar Faruqui: The Controversial Comedian:

Munawar Faruqui is no stranger to controversy. The stand-up comedian has faced backlash and legal troubles in the past for his edgy and often provocative content. His brand of humor has, at times, landed him in hot water, with debates surrounding freedom of expression and the thin line between comedy and offense.

Salman schooled Munawar Faruqui on the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode, referring to him as ‘thandi cheeze’ or a ‘cold thing.’ In a brief promo shared by ColorsTV on Friday, Salman Khan openly criticized Munawar’s game plan, indicating a no-holds-barred confrontation between the Bollywood heavyweight and the controversial comedian in the imminent episode. The term ‘thandi cheeze’ suggests Salman’s disapproval of Munawar’s approach, setting the stage for a heated exchange that is sure to captivate viewers during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

The video started with Salman asking Munawar Faruqui, “Thandi cheez aapko kaesi lagti hai (How do you like cold things)?” He responded, “Not interested.” Salman continued, “Toh iss ghar mein mujhe aap woh thandi cheez lagrahe ho (You are that cold thing for me in this house).” The host continued, “Is ghar mein aapki dosti ho, dushmani ho, harr baat ko adhura chod dete ho. Sach baat toh yeh hai Munawar ki kal is ghar se nikal bhi jaate hai toh iss ghar ki story par koi farq nahi padega (Be it your friendship or enmity in this house, you leave every matter incomplete. The fact is even if Munawar leaves this house tomorrow it won’t make a difference to the story of this house).” Munawar was seen visibly upset with Salman’s words. (here)

As the controversy unfolds, fans of Bigg Boss will undoubtedly be glued to their screens, eager to witness how the situation develops and whether Salman Khan’s words will bring about a change in Munawar Faruqui’s approach and demeanor. The video was shared with the caption, “Salman ko lagta hai Munawar ka game plan hai thanda. Kya woh badlega apni strategy iss session ke baad (Salman feels Munawar’s gameplan is non-existent. Will he change his strategy after this session)?” It also added the hashtag–Shukravaar Ka Vaar. Reacting to the video, a person wrote, “Wah mast class lagaya (What schooling he gave), much needed to this over smart.” A fan said, “Unnecessary targets.” (here)

An Instagram user commented, “No Munawar, no Bigg Boss. I watch this show only because of Munawar.” A comment read, “He is the only reason to watch this boring season..stop unnecessary bashing.” A comment read, “90% people seeing this show only for Munawar. If you remove him then see your show’s TRP, because of him we are seeing Bigg Boss only for him. Why Salman is saying like that? Once you remove him then we will see how your show will get affected without him.” (here)

The Bollywood superstar’s strong stance against the controversial comedian sets the stage for a dramatic turn of events within the reality show. As the mystery behind Salman’s disapproval unfolds, audiences can expect heightened tension, emotional moments, and a rollercoaster ride of entertainment in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 17.

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