A Source Speaks Out On Why Hailey Bieber Won’t Disclose The Selena Gomez Drama

As the weeks go by, more and more pieces of drama about the ‘Team Hailey’/ ‘Team Selena’ ordeal.

According to ET, a source close to the couple revealed the reason why neither Hailey nor Justin has responded to this ongoing drama online.

“Hailey and Justin are doing fine. They don’t want to continually deal with this repetitive, ongoing former relationship drama,” The source discloses, “They are just taking things day by day and don’t want this to be something that impacts them negatively. Justin knows that speaking publicly about it will only amplify the situation and bring more attention to it, so they have been supporting each other privately.”


Unbothered And Going Strong

Amid all this drama, the couple seems to be functioning business as usual. Justin took to Instagram to share a post of him and Hailey.

Via Instagram @justinbieber

The comments on the other hand were not too positive.

One user comments “This looks so forced.”

Another commented, “Free Justin.”

Despite all the backlash, it seems the couple couldn’t care less and are deciding to keep the drama off social media.

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