Through the course of his career, Justin Bieber has undoubtedly cemented himself as a street style icon.

Bieber’s consistently well-styled red carpet and performance looks, his confident aura, and most recently, his partnership with Balenciaga for their Fall 2022 campaign, all factor into his ultimate ‘cool guy’ style persona. Moreover, the singer is also the co-founder of his own lifestyle brand, Drew House. Apart from classic streetwear pieces like outerwear and sweatshirts, the brand also made an appearance at the 2021 Met Gala.

But Bieber’s style goes beyond his stage persona. The singer has also curated and experimented with his own personal style; he completely disregards the ‘rules’ of fashion and of his pop-star persona. He has curated a strong street style look that’s completely his own. Bieber’s street style is a mix of sleek, slim-fitting pieces, baggy pieces, and layers. He often plays with unique silhouettes, proportions, colours, and styles. Here are the best Justin Bieber street style moments that perfectly showcase his personal style:

Look One

Justin Bieber incorporates his personal style even into business-casual looks such as the one below. Here, he wears a slightly oversized blazer with a beanie and statement coloured sneakers, while keeping the base of his outfit neutral. It’s a perfect representation of his cool-guy pop-star persona.

Justin Bieber Street Style


Look Two

Bieber loves a statement colour: this is a fact that holds true even for his more casual looks. His monochromatic graphic tee look is a statement in and of itself.

Bieber wears a purple monochromatic look


Look Three

Justin’s wife, model Hailey Bieber, is no stranger to the world of fashion. And both of them together? Well, they certainly make for a stylish power couple. Here, Justin and Hailey’s outfits compliment each other: Justin wears a brown coat with loose trousers, a beige turtleneck, and a statement aqua-coloured beanie. Hailey wears a beige coat, jeans, and a chunky scarf, with sneakers that compliment Justin’s coat. Baggy silhouettes and statement colours are certainly a theme in Justin Bieber’s personal style.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

@justinbieber on Instagram

Look Four

Justin Bieber has perfected casual street style. Here, he wears a classic combination of a t-shirt, baggy jeans, a black puffer jacket, sneakers, and a statement pink beanie.

Justin Bieber Street Style

Adam Pantozzi

Look Five

Casual, baggy, and laid back: three features of the ultimate cool-guy style. And Justin Bieber’s checked every box. With his pink beanie, headphones, baggy jeans and comfortable zip-ups, he’s perfected the blend of casual pieces and style statements to create a look that’s entirely his.

Justin Bieber

Marc Piasecki

Look Six

This combination of the Yeezy Foam “Ararat” RNNRs with a statement monochromatic set is a perfect encapsulation of his style. Bieber often gravitates towards statement pieces, and isn’t afraid of styling two statement pieces together. Plus, the silhouette of the pair of Yeezys is completely unique, while also being effortless and cool.

Justin Bieber in a pink monochromatic look


All in all, Bieber’s style is a combination of baggy pieces, unique silhouettes, and statement colours and accessories. He brings his love for statement colours in his clothing, but even in his jewelry and accessories. Moreover, he often gravitates towards his own style rather than being swayed by current trends– a sign of a true style persona.

Published by HOLR Magazine.