We can all agree that there aren’t enough vacations in the year! So when it comes to deciding on where to travel it’s often hard finding the perfect balance of luxury time, sightseeing, or enjoying the culture of the area. There are very few locations that manage to have all three, but if you read the title, then let me tell you why Portugal should be your next summer travel destination – and possibly live there. 


The hot summers and mild winters place Portugal with the best climate in Europe. Being sunny for the majority of the year allows you to sunbathe on the many several kilometre-long golden sand beaches Portugal has to offer. But if you’re not a beach person, or if you ever get tired of it, you can go skiing at the Serra da Estrela or enjoy other mountainous activities in the area. If exploration is your forte, Portugal has many picturesque villages both fishing and mountainous that are just to die for! Should you decide to eventually live here, is located in Europe and a part of the European Union, the rest of Europe and its adventures are at your fingertips – and for cheap too!


Portugal isn’t just a pretty sight, but a wonderful experience in all the cultural activities. Once a dominating force in the world, Portugal has a complex and fascinating history which reflects in it’s gorgeous architecture and artwork. Music is the heartbeat of the country where you can hear traditional and modern music anywhere you go. Festivals and carnivals are held throughout the year allowing the duality of a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle. Furthermore, Portugal is a growing modern country where English is widely spoken and very accepting, with a large LGBTQ+ community in Lisbon. 

Starting to whet your appetite? If not this next segment may incentivize your stomach and wallet.

Costs & Food

One can live comfortably in Portugal for $1700 (CAD) or Less. The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest and some of the best food in the world. Almost everything is fresh and delicious, enjoyable for cheap prices. Whether from the comfort of your backyard or out enjoying the beautiful scenery, alfresco dining in Portugal is well catered for.


If you’ve fallen in love, like so many other expats have with what Portugal has to offer, you may consider moving or retiring in Portugal. You can expect to find beautiful spacious housing for affordable prices. To top that off, Portugal has many green and environmentally friendly living options that’s cheap. Even if you’re looking for short or medium-term accommodations, Portugal has a variety of options to suit your needs as the country actively encourages foreign investment and property ownership.

Paradise in Portugal as it were, with a high rate of ex-pat satisfaction, Portugal is the perfect base of digital nomads. No wonder it was ranked number 1 in the Expat Insider. With such beauty in culture and landscape, if nothing else, Portugal offers a very instagramable lifestyle.