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With its impressive and authentic designs, LVT flooring is gradually gaining ground in the flooring sector. A few years back, they were considered cheap and not fit for interior decor, and this is what motivated most designers to come up with a variety of high-quality wood representations. So, if you’re looking for a kitchen floor that is both practical and beautiful, then you should consider installing LVT floors in your home. 

But, before thinking of installing vinyl flooring in your kitchen, it is crucial that you know the different types that exist and which one is best for you.

Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

There are three main types of luxury vinyl flooring, and we’ll show you how to recognise and use them appropriately.

  • Click Vinyl

This is one of the most popular forms of LVT floorings. With its realistic and high-quality designs, click vinyl can be an interesting choice for your kitchen. This luxury vinyl flooring is particularly loved because of how easy it is to install. Its innovative locking system places it amongst the most DIY-friendly floorings, which are very welcomed when you are looking to reduce installation costs. 

  • Stick-down LVT Floors

If you are design-oriented and have great attention to detail, then this type of flooring was created for you. Using stick-down LVT floors gives room for creativity as they are easily customisable and come with incredible design strips which give a very realistic tile effect. The only drawback you might encounter when using this type of vinyl flooring is that they require a certain level of expertise to install. You should make sure your subfloor has no discrepancies, as the result might be very unattractive.

  • Loose lay LVT 

Loose lay vinyl flooring might not be very popular because of how recent it is. This version of vinyl flooring was created with the aim of improving the other types of floorings. This explains why it doesn’t require an underlay and is very versatile. Although, the designs are quite limited, you can still enjoy the classic yet sophisticated touch that this flooring will bring to your kitchen.

Why LVT Flooring is Best for Your Kitchen

LVT flooring offers great advantages which can be very useful in your kitchen. The most appreciated one is that it is considered a “soft floor”. What this means for you is, that you won’t have to worry about having sours feet after spending long hours standing in your kitchen. 

Another interesting characteristic of this type of flooring is its waterproof nature. After the bathroom, the kitchen is the room that is most subjected to water spills. Installing waterproof flooring saves you the stress of having to figure out how to maintain your floor. Talking about maintenance, vinyl flooring are very easy to take care of. You can decide to sweep or use a dry mop, and your kitchen will look as good as new.


Flooring your house should not be a stressful activity when you know what to use and how to use it. Although it all narrows down to personal preference, LVT has proven to be a reliable option for not just kitchen floors but other rooms in the house.

Published by HOLR Magazine.

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