People put more and more funds into interior decoration nowadays. For example, MarketWatch reports that the world’s inside design industry was about $121,000 mln in 2022. And TechNavio analysts claim that this branch will grow by over 5% annually by 2027.

Presently, light-emitting diode tapes are incredibly popular as a part of interior design making among Canadians. In particular, that’s about 24V COB LED strip lights. Experts advise picking such luminaries only at trustworthy platforms (such as, though. Otherwise, you risk wasting your money on poor-quality lightning that will screw up an interior.

Why Are 24V COB LED Strips Better Than SMD Analogues?

Chip-on-board lighting tapes provide their owners uniform light sans dots, unlike surface-mounted-diode ones. COB strips also have the following differences:

  • such luminaries have wider beam angles (180°) compared with SMD analogues (120°);
  • they are much more flexible;
  • chip-on-board tape lights don’t have gold wires.

Such differences make 24V COB LED strips more versatile than SMD analogues. As a result, you can use it in more kinds of interior installations.

Applications of 24V COB LED Strips in Your Inside Design

Initially, it’s worth noting cases when housing owners use the mentioned lights instead of classic lightbulb illumination. Here, you should buy tape luminaries with high CRI (colour rendering index). E.g., if you want to create illumination in a bedroom, it’s better to pick lights with a CRI of 80…90. For huge living rooms and kitchens, specialists recommend choosing tapes having a CRI of 90 and more.

24V COB LED Strips to Decorate Furniture at Home

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Using the described lamps, you can illuminate certain parts of dressers, sofas, cabinets, and so on. Such an approach allows the creation of a cosy atmosphere inside a room. Furthermore, the specified lighting enables deciding books from shelves or clothing from wardrobes without switching on the main lights when it’s dark.

Usage Cases in Public Places

Here, Canadian specialists note the following application areas:

  1. General retail. Shop owners install strip lights according to the goods’ package design. This helps highlight certain items in a showcase or even create decorative compositions to attract customers.
  2. Outdoor sites. Here, it’s worth noting garages, parking spaces, and so on.
  3. Hospitals. Medical facilities need bright interior illumination. At the same time, plenty of hospitals don’t have enough funds to install expensive lightbulb lighting systems and pay huge electricity bills. A 24V COB LED strip is an excellent solution for such clinics.
  4. Office spaces. Here, tape lamps not only illuminate workplaces but also improve workflow. Scientists claim that luminaries with CCT of 4,000…6,000K significantly increase employee performance.
  5. Restaurants and cafes. Using strips having CCT of 1,800…2,700K, you can create a comfortable and sophisticated ambience inside your establishment.

Separately, the usage of 24V COB LED tape lights in jewellery stores should be noted. Proper disposition of such lighting in a showcase can make your gems shine even brighter.

Bottom Line

So, 24V COB LED strip lights are perfect for home and commercial interiors. Such tape lamps are energy-efficient and have favourable prices. Consequently, the specified luminaries allow not only decorating interiors but also saving money. You can find information on how to install the described stripe lighting, for instance, in a comprehensive guide by LED Montreal. 


Published by HOLR Magazine.