As part of the observance of Women’s History Month 2022, the Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) is highlighting exceptional Black Canadian women who provide a range of entrepreneurial solutions and innovations in the Canadian marketplace.

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About FACE

A national, bilingual, Black-led non-profit organization focused on providing resources and information to the Black community across Canada with the aim of accelerating wealth creation for Canadians of African descent.

In partnership with the Federal Government of Canada, FACE created a Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund to help Black business owners with access to capital investments, working capital, or additional business resources for expansion. FACE has several other major partners that help further the mission of providing Black Canadians with the necessary resources, knowledge, and confidence to not only operate successfully as Black entrepreneurs but to thrive as a community across the nation.

About The Campaign

FACE is following the expertise of its own members to declare ownership of women’s economic empowerment. This takes the shape of several faces and facets of entrepreneurialism in Canada, with female first and female-forward testimonials and profiles that proclaim a new normal for independent business operators.

Working in several Canadian locations, covering 8 profiles including interior design and curation, wine and spirits, along with personal care, financial and culinary services. These women are game makers in their respective fields, with exceptional products, designs and services which reset the landscape for Canadians’ consumer choices toward minimalist fashion, affordable skin and hair care, curated home decor, as well as options for inclusive banking, and much more.


Emefa Kuadey

Emefa is a civil engineer turned fashion engineer. Founder and Creative Director of israella KOBLA, a women’s clothing and accessories brand that is redefining minimalism through structure and bold femininity.

Shari Mina

Interiors by Shari Mina is founded on Shari’s passion and love for style, design and art. Shari is inspired by the lives and beauty of others; helping clients realize this beauty in their spaces so they can live their best lives. Shari believes in a collaborative approach of working closely with her clients helps her better understand their needs and brings their vision to the next level.


Rochelle S, Jada White and Tosin During

Rochelle, Jada and Tosin are a part of the Women’s Network at Shared Services Canada. Shared Services Canada is modernizing how the Government of Canada manages its information technology (IT) infrastructure. The Department is mandated to deliver email, data centre and telecommunication services, including videoconferencing and Wi-Fi, to customers.

Adetoun Abby Aiyeleye

Adetoun Abby Aiyeleye is a Strategic Leader with extensive experience in driving business transformation across the UK, Middle East, Africa, and North America and is the co-found of Clavis Studio. Clavis Studio is solving issues in the homebuying process using the most user-friendly and enjoyable technology platforms. Clavis is an integrated design and visualization studio where new homeowners decorate a virtual replica of their home using shoppable furniture and décor. They are essentially the Canva of Interior Design.

Emmanuel Itiveh

Tiffani Young

Tiffani is the founder of Natural Butter Bar. Natural Butter Bar Cosmetics (“Butter Bar”) offers all-natural products which are chemical and toxin-free and help makes different types of skin and hair look their best. Offering close to 40 natural Butters, Oils, Essential Oils, and Gel that are ethically sourced as well as fair trade that can be used as-is or mixed to suit individual needs giving skin and hair exactly what it has been craving.

Margaret Adekunle, MBA, CCIP

A Diversity and Inclusion Strategist and the Founder of ATB Black team members Network. Margaret founded the Black team members network to advance the Inclusion of Black team members by providing development opportunities and creating diverse talents throughout the organization. My vision is to create a pathway to leadership for all underrepresented groups. Margaret is committed to bringing Inclusion, Diversity, Human Rights, and a Sense of belonging to the forefront through education and community initiatives. Teaching and mentoring new immigrants on how to adapt to the Canadian workplace culture is a cause that has been fulfilling for her. Margaret is the CEO of City Lending Centers (CLC) and the Executive Director-Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist at Immigrants Inclusive Credit.

Myriam Jean-Baptiste


Myriam Jean Baptiste

Myriam is the owner and co-founder of LS Cream, a cream liqueur manufacturer. Inspired by one of the most iconic beverages from the Pearl of the Caribbean, known as cremas, LS Cream Liqueur is a rich blend of fresh cream and island spices that exudes style and luxury while staying true to its exotic heritage.

Sasilka Shallangwa

Sasilka is the CEO of SKCOOKKS, a popular and renowned restaurant now located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. Offering the very best Nigerian dishes with an emphasis on our top-quality food, outstanding service, and quick delivery. Founded in 2017. Skcookks began its roots in Etobicoke, Ontario. Focusing on their passion to serve delicious home-style Nigerian dishes paired with their exceptional customer service they quickly expanded.

The women profiles represent stories of FACE facilitated entry points to consumers, networks, and leaders. Members are provided with entrepreneurial courses and learnings, including Business Planning to Taxation, support tools such as templates, training modules, and webinars.  As well as industry boosted professional offerings of expanded services for mentorship, Business Training, and planning, among others.

Be sure to support all these wonderful businesses and initiatives!

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